Destiny 2: 15 Things You Never Knew You Could Do in Curse of Osiris

Curse of Osiris, Destiny 2’s new DLC, was launched early in December. During its first launch week, there are have been several bug issues, balancing patches, and restrictions to the original game. However, despite these mishaps, and a laundry list of lockouts and limited content, there are a few new features that players can do in the new expansion.

Bungie are working on the bugs and are finally releasing the promised content that they promised a few months back. Raid Lairs and Masterwork Weapons, which were recently released, were included in the new bonuses that gamers can try out, and, as of now, are still unpacking.

Due to bug fixes and updates, Curse of Osiris will continually update, and hopefully more exclusive content will be added that can satisfy players who purchased the DLC.

While players may have finished the main storyline, there are tidbits and small things that they probably didn’t explore yet in Curse of Osiris, or possibly overlooked due to the developer errors. Eater of World raids and the Lighthouse mysteries are among the new areas to explore.

We decided to take a look at the cool things that players can do in the DLC, so both newbie and old players can find something completely new to do.

With that said, here are the 15 Things You Never Knew You Could Do In Destiny 2's Curse of Osiris!

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15 Find The Secret Chest In The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse in Curse of Osiris is home to Brother Vance. In this area, players can unlock the Verse quests but also obtain a secret chest that blocked by a gridlike forcefield.

Upon entering the area, players might notice a glowing book on the desk. Once players interact with the book, they will start a sequence where they must obtain four symbols of Osiris that are scattered around the map. All of this is timed, though, so it’s best to refer to a guide to help you find the rest of the symbols.

Once you’ve completed the task, the forcefield will disappear. If you’re expecting an Osiris-exclusive item, be prepared for disappointment. What’s inside the chest is random, so some players may obtain legendary pieces or tokens depending on your luck with RNG.

14 Use Aeon Exotics To Obtain More Bonuses

Out of all of the updates that came with Curose of Osiris, this is probably one of the most unique features included in season 2. Aeon Exotics is part of the new Curse of Osiris update.

As part of incorporating more progression class teamwork, Bungie has included a new Aeon armor bonus for each class-- Aeon Swift for hunters, Aeon Safe for Titans, and Aeon Soul for Warlocks.

Whenever a team consisting of a hunter, warlock, and a titan are present, the tram is provided with special buffs. For example, Titans will gain barricade energy, Warlocks with obtain grenade energy, and Hunters will get dodge energy.

The three Aeon class suits also help improve ties within the Aeon cult. If the three classes are present, then these skills are activated. Players can obtain these sets from the main DLC quest.

13 Discover The Eater Of World’s Raid Exclusive

Bungie teased the Eater of the World Raid Lair a few months ago. Now that it’s finally available, players are able to start unpacking the Leviathan raid boss.

The Argos boss adds a unique spin to the raid bosses-- the giant machine is surrounded by a shield, while vex mines are littered around the parameter of the World-Eater boss’s shield. The Argos raid also relates to the Vex lore.

Callus sends you on this mission to destroy this boss. Argos planted itself in the planetary core to turn the world into a machine, and thus it’s the team's job to destroy the Vex beast.

There are various unique features, including Vex Craniums, which are cooked and tossed to the color-specific mines. The raid lair is one the best features added to the new DLC.

Also, make sure you pick up the hidden chest for this Raid Lair.

12 Use Vex Craniums To Break Down Argos' Shield

While the new DLC took away the sparrows, the latest Raid Lair boss implemented relics that were used to take down bosses, which is one of the cool things that players can now do in the Curse of Osiris.

The Leviathan Raid is the new Lair Boss of the DLC. The new Leviathan boss, Argos, has a unique design, hinting that it is actually part of Vex. In the Destiny series, the consul appeared with a necklace of alien heads that he had slain from previous planets, one being Vex.

The Vex helmet is related to arachnid, which would make sense as to why the new Raid boss resemble the Arachnid, since Argos’s name is the Latin for "a thousand eyes."

Because of this connection, battling the boss requires you to obtain Vex craniums during the raid and toss it at the Vex cranium relic in order to break down Argo's shield. The overall battle combines both knowledge of the lore and teamwork.

11 Enter Mercury

Mercury as it appears in Destiny 2 - Curse of Osiris

Mercury is smaller compared to previous maps like Titan. Given the map size, most of the locations are gridlocked, but they include the Lighthouse, the Infinite Forest, and Wormhaven. Curse of Osiris explores the Cult of Osiris, Osiris himself, and the Vex Aliens.

There are some cool places in Mercury that are now reachable. The Infinite Forest unlocks heroic adventures, which allow you to adventure through the Vex simulated world. In addition, completed quests give you Mercury tokens and paradox amplifiers. Mercury has many secrets, such as the Lighthouse, and players will discover that they now have access to Wormhaven-- an exclusive crucible map.

Mercury has the potential to include more content in future updates, and with the third hidden quest on the way, hopefully we’ll see more of the colorful world of Mercury soon.

10 Obtain Masterwork Weapons

One of the new features added to the DLC expansion is the Masterwork weapons system, which provides a new set of forges that require players to continuously grind on public events, raids, etc. However, the new features are worth the grind and are open to all players.

Masterwork weapons unleash Orbs of Light when you gain multi-kills. This charges your Super faster, which allows you to use your Super more frequently. The additional node on the weapons gives additional stat bonuses, so you can reroll until you get the perfect stat on your weapon.

Masterwork also gives items that supplement the grinding and multiplayer. Although technically Masterwork is not an exclusive feature in Curse of Osiris, it’s part of the updates that coincided with the DLC bug fixes.

9 Complete Lost Prophecies To Unlock Unique Weapons

The Lost Prophecy is one of the new exclusive features. Like some of the quests in Destiny 2, Lost Prophecies unlocks unique weapons that DLC players are able to access.

Once players complete the Curse of Osiris storyline, they can talk to Brother Vance. He, in return, will give the player Verse 1. From there, players will have to uncover the puzzle pieces for other Verses.

They will also have to figure out which items are needed for each Verse. Once a Verse is completed, the player will gain a unique weapon depending on how they proceed.

Various gaming sites have posted thorough guides on the Lost Prophecy Verses, which players can use that to complete all fourteen Verses. Those who complete all of the Verses can unlock a hidden weapon that contains Saint-14’s insignia on it.

8 Use Clan Banner And Tower Check-Ins

When season 2 begins players must first obtain is their clan banner. Players might have forgotten about the banner at the start of the season, which would have helped out your clan’s level for this season.

The clan banner offers various perks. However, you can lose season 1 perks unless your clan is at maxed level. Clans that are at maxed level can obtain the new Imperial Staff design.

Power level cap is currently 335, so folks will have to go through the same old grinding system to do this, which means more tower check-ins and weapon inventory cleaning.

You will need the tower in order to decrypt your Engrams. For players who have reached to power level 300, Curse of Osiris can increase the cap to 335, which gives endgame players a chance to obtain late game weapons that have attack powers between 330-335.

7 Obtain New Exotic Weapons

Most DLC expansions provide players with various exclusives. For example, some players had the chance to obtain DLC exclusive weapons from RNG, which many DLC buyers are not so thrilled about.

A Reddit post mentioned how they were even able to obtain other items-- for example, the Jade weapon, which is a new exotic. However, due to the powers of RNG, non-DLC players were also able to obtain it.

The new exotics highly influenced the game meta, especially if non-DLC players happened to obtain the Prometheus lens (before the nerf).

As of now, though, you won’t be able to get the exclusive Verse items unless you buy the DLC, and most players would likely not obtain the required ingredients for Curse of Osiris weapons. However, the new exotics gives non-DLC players a shot for endgame progression.

6 Obtain The Prometheus Lens

During the launch week, lucky players who seized the Prometheus Lens were able to obtain a broken weapon, while other guardians fell victim to the weapon’s one-shot kill.

The Prometheus has a power of 317, but the true power of the weapon lies in its ability to take down players and their shields. The gun was so broken, though, that it even wrecked players in Crucible. PVP became a laser-fest, as the entire structure of the game broke.

Bungie later nerfed Prometheus Lens. Although it is not nearly as powerful as it was before, you can still use it for tactical advantages in the game. Hopefully, in their next update, Bungie will buff it at the right level.

5 Use The Lights On The Forge Wall To See Your Progress

Ever looked at a pattern wall and wondered what it meant? To measure your progress, Curse of Osiris has included a wall progression that can show you how far are you in completing the 14 Verses.

For every Verse that you complete, one of the symbols of the wall will light up, showing off the Verses that you have completed. Players are also provided with new clues surrounding the Saints, including the legendary Saint-14.

Once the wall lights up, bonuses are included on your achievement boards, and players become closer to finding the hidden quest. Likewise, the Verse quests can be troublesome if you don’t have a guide to help you.

Thankfully, players can use this wall to track progress. The wall is also interesting to look at, as it has various symbols related to the Osiris cult.

4 Obtain The New Osiris Emblem Gear

One of the key things that players are now aware of, now that the DLC is out, is the Osiris Emblem Gear. To make these weapons different from the previous predecessors, the weapons now have the new Osiris emblems on their insignia. Though t insignia is small, you can see them on the top corner of the gun.

Since the new Osiris weapons' designs are similar to previous weapons, it’s hard to believe that they are considered part of the expansion weapons. Many fans were hoping that the new expansion gear would include Osiris skins that you can see in the new exotics, such as the Jade Rabbit or Crimson.

However, there are some differences that set these weapons apart from the regular arsenal-- and no, it’s not just the skin redesign. Abilities and damages are different, so it’s not a total loss. We are continuing to uncover more Osiris-emblem items, but we're still hoping for more.

3 Discover Cave Chests and the Debugged And Reformed Loot System

Some of the things that the second season took out were the cave and the loot chests from the previous season. This is on the long list of bugs/improvements that Bungie needed to fix.

Players might even remember when the sequel replaced loot chests for RNG-base rolls instead of hard earned achievements. Because of this, most of Destiny 2 relied on repetitive gameplay. However, there was a lot of backlash after the latest DLC, as players were outraged about how their loot was locked out after they farmed more than the quota.

Cave chests are back, though, and the loot system is somewhat reformed, which gives players a chance to obtain more loot. Of course, this doesn’t rid RNG weapons, but it does help players who can’t afford certain amounts of coins.

2 The Perfect Paradox Hidden Quest

Where is the mystery gun? How do players obtain the Saint-14 gun which is featured in the DLC's promotional pictures? Now that it’s finally out, the secret actually lies within the Verse wall.

The wall lights up when you complete a quest, and thus once the 10 prophecies are lit up, the forge wall unlocks a hidden quest: Saint-14.

The Saint-14 quest requires players to meet up with Brother Vance. He will give provide players with the Lost Prophecy, which is another Verse. Just like the previous weapon forge, you will have to procure offerings, which are scattered around Mercury.

After you obtain these items, Brother Vance will send you on a new quest entitled "Not Even the Darkness." In this quest, you will learn what happened to Sain-14. The Perfect Paradox originally belonged to its creator: Osiris.

Saint-14’s last mission was to return the gun to Osiris, and it likely led him to Planet Mercury.

1 The Exotic Sagiras Shell?

Okay, this may be a bit of a cheat since we haven’t seen the official guide or anything about a purchase of the Shell, but Bungie needs to get behind this right away. They need to release the Exotic Sagiras Shell if they haven’t done so.

The Sagiras Shell is an exotic and Ghost Shell exotics are new additions to the Curse of Osiris expansions.

Sagiras’ new ability would allow her to scan for caches and resources at a radius of 75 meters, which is much greater than the average shell’s scanning radius of 30 meters.

Omni-telemetry would generate gunsmith telemetry data on any weapon kills. The Sagiras shell is a sought-after piece. While there hasn’t been a guide on how to retrieve this elusive shell, it’s only a matter of time before players begin to uncovered all of Mercury’s secrets.


Can you think of any other secret things you can do in Destiny 2's Curse of Osiris DLC? Sound off in the comments!

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