Bungie Is Interested In Destiny 2 Crossplay - And So Is Microsoft

Not only is Destiny 2 developer Bungie interested in offering crossplay with its title, but Microsoft also shows some interest in crossplay. That means players might soon get the opportunity to crossplay with other Destiny 2 players across a wide variety of platforms.

Destiny 2, an online multiplayer first-person shooter, released to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2017. A PC version of the game followed one month later. The title takes players to a large shared world set in the future as they take on the role of Light-powered Guardians to protect the last safe city on Earth from alien threats. In the follow-up game to Destiny, one alien race has taken over the Last City and has removed the Guardians' Light powers. The goal of the game is to take back the city and restore Light. The first expansion for the game, Forsaken, arrives in September.

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In a Q&A session with Game Informer, Forsaken lead developers Steve Cotton and Scott Taylor answered a question about the potential for crossplay in Destiny 2. Taylor said, "Yeah, we talk about it. No plans or anything to announce for Forsaken, but yeah, it's something we talk about." The most important takeaway here is that there are no plans on including crossplay with the Forsaken expansion, but that there is definitely an interest in making it happen for Destiny 2. Not only are Bungie interested in making that happen, but Xbox President Mike Ybarra tweeted that he would love to see the game get crossplay. In a poll that he posted, 87 percent of respondents agreed.

Destiny 2 crossplay means that players on one platform could play with their friends on other platforms. However, considering Sony's holdout in offering crossplay on its system for titles such as Fortnite and Fallout 76, it seems that players on PlayStation 4 might still get left out in the cold. The company is obviously not worried about losing players, not when it has sold over 80 million PlayStation 4 units in the lifetime of the console. For Sony, it makes sense to keep its multiplayer gamers on that console.

Regardless of Sony's position, though, Destiny 2 players would probably love the chance to have crossplay as part of their experience. For now, they finally get a new expansion for the game, that should keep them entertained enough to stick around, even with Bungie charging ridiculous amounts of money for additional content.

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Source: Game InformerMike Ybarra

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