Destiny 2 Finally Getting Cross Save, According to Datamining Leak

Destiny 2 Cross Save Function Leak

Destiny 2 cross save functionality will finally become a real thing, according to a new data leak just ahead of a major announcement for the game scheduled for tomorrow. Destiny 2 has been struggling to keep exciting new information under wraps, with the introduction of Season of Opulence also accidentally leaking the existence of a brand new expansion called Destiny 2 Shadowkeep.

Destiny 2 has been pretty quiet as of late, with minor updates like new seasons and content being well-received but nevertheless fairly small in the grand scheme of all things Guardian. The game has undergone some subtle changes ever since Bungie's departure from Activision, but this week, news surrounding Destiny 2 suddenly ramped up in a big way. The leak of Shadowkeep, a whole new expansion being planned for this fall, was a major revelation, as many critics believed Bungie would begin making preparations for Destiny 3 rather than continue long-term support for the franchise's current iteration.

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That support appears to extend beyond just expansions, however, as a new datamining leak has revealed that Destiny 2 cross save is finally coming. The news comes from renowned dataminer Ginsor, a leaker with a reputation for accuracy and historical precedent to back it up. Earlier today, Ginsor posted an image that appears to be a leak of official Bungie art for Destiny 2 cross save functionality. Tomorrow, Destiny 2 is set to announce the new Shadowkeep expansion, making it an opportune time to also reveal a feature in cross save that has been requested for years now. Here's the image:

Destiny 2 cross save function is desired by so many of the game's players because of its PC release. Many players who have been playing the title on console for hundreds or thousands of hours were never going to adopt the game on PC as a result, despite the fact that so many Guardians have pedigrees with a keyboard and mouse. Destiny 2 also runs much smoother on PC, and the ease-of-life in having access to a keyboard and the internet for dual-monitor setups with Discord, streaming, and more would be desirable for many. If Destiny 2 cross save is finally coming, it will represent a huge influx in players adopting the game on PC.

If Bungie wanted to earn back some good will toward Destiny 2 after Activision's looming presence sucked so much of it away, the legendary studio is doing an excellent job. A surprise fall expansion and the addition of Destiny 2 cross save functionality are two major boons for players, and it might not take much more to finally get people excited about what a great game Destiny 2—and, free from Activision's influence, Destiny 3—could really be.

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Source: Ginsor/Twitter

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