Destiny 2 Cinematic Teaser Trailer Has Nathan Fillion & A Lot Of Shooting

Bungie delivers a new teaser trailer ahead of the full reveal for the upcoming Destiny 2, featuring the voice talents of Nathan Fillion.

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Well, that didn't take long. Less than a week after a poster leak revealed the release date of Destiny 2, Bungie has taken to the internet with a new cinematic teaser trailer ahead of what will presumably be a more comprehensive look at the upcoming first-person shooter. But while fans wait to set their peepers on the game's actual gun-toting sci-fi gameplay, the developer was kind enough to bring in fan-favorite actor and FPS gaming enthusiast Nathan Fillion to lighten the mood with a little voice acting.

The new teaser is decidedly light on content – something early adopters of the original Destiny know all too well – but what it lacks in specific details about the game, its story, or what changes the developer has made to hopefully improve upon the ambitious-but-lackluster initial offering, it more than makes up for in the sheer power of Fillion's personality – even though he doesn't technically appear on-screen. Instead, the one-time Captain Reynolds (and Gunnery Sergeant Reynolds) supplies the voice of Cayde-6 in a humorous minute-long segment that blends the malaise of the typical office drone with the trigger-happy antics of someone who lives in the violent universe that is Destiny.

The burgeoning franchise has a history of using humor to amp up the marketing of what could be described as a less-than-mirthful shooter. Early promos for the original Destiny featured a live-action Fireteam embarking on a series of raids across the solar system set to the sounds of Led Zepplin's 'Immigrant Song'. Those teasers also lacked in any gameplay, choosing instead to use a more cinematic scope as the bold, tough-talking characters set out to "Become Legend".

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This time around, Bungie is taking a similar route, but upping the humor quotient and all but insisting that Destiny 2 is a fun, madcap shooter that's more in the vein of recent FPS hit Overwatch. Absent from the teaser is any sense of the game's mythology – though the reveal of where the teaser actually takes place may be of interest to eagle-eyed fans – and in its place is Cayde-6 regaling an uninterested robot bartender with a story about zoning out in a meeting and then having to do "a lot of shooting" in an "ugly contest where everyone was a winner".

In many ways the spiritual successor to Halo, Destiny faced some lofty expectations that were further amplified by the incredible hype surrounding the game. Though the developer didn't necessarily deliver in accordance to the pre-release buildup, subsequent well-received DLC expansions gave the game something of a second wind. With any luck, what Bungie learned from those expansions will be applied to Destiny 2, along with plenty of brand new content that will be available to players on day one.

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Destiny 2 will have a worldwide reveal trailer on Thursday, March 30 @10am PT.

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