'Derek' with Ricky Gervais Gets Second Season Order in UK


A couple of months ago, audiences got their first look at Ricky Gervais' most recent comedy series Derek with the first season trailer. The series won't premiere on Netflix until sometime later this year, but season one is in progress in the United Kingdom and it sounds like more is on the way.

A second season of Derek, the series about a simple-minded man who works in a nursing home, has been ordered by Channel 4 in Britain. The news comes just before the first season finale airs across the pond tomorrow.

Deadline reports six new episodes have been ordered for the second season, which doesn't seem like much, but those who follow British television know that their seasons are much shorter than TV series here in the United States. This likely means we'll be getting more of Derek on Netflix unless the show somehow turns out to not play well to the streaming audiences.

Gervais has called the show "probably my favorite thing of everything I’ve done," and we even put it on our list of the most underrated TV shows of 2012. The series follows Derek Noakes, a tender, innocent man whose love for his job and the people he cares for shines through. He’s 49, adores animals, Rolf Harris, Jesus, Deal or No Deal, Million Pound Drop and Britain’s Got Talent – but his main hobby is autograph hunting. Working in a retirement home with his friend and landlord Dougie (played by Karl Pilkington), Derek cares deeply for the elderly and his best friend, Hannah (Kerry Godliman).

Here's the trailer for the first season of Derek:

Across the pond, Derek has received mixed reviews as the series features a learning-disabled protagonist, a set-up that was guaranteed to rile up audiences. But Gervais says, "The real risk with this is the people who don’t watch it and make assumptions. The idea that ['Derek'] is cruel follows you around. But some people don’t get it and some people don’t like it. Hopefully, there will be enough people who find it.

The series has been drawing in a good amount of viewers overseas and if Gervais' series like The Office, Extras and Life's Too Short are any indicator, this one should find a good size audience in the United States as well.

Remember that Gervais is bringing back David Brent for The Office Revisited on March 15th, and Derek will premiere on Netflix sometime this year.


Source: Deadline

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