James Wan-Produced Horror Film Demonic to Premiere on Spike TV

After four years on the shelf, the James Wan-produced horror film Demonic finally gets a stateside release and a Spike TV premiere date.

The James Wan-produced horror film Demonic is finally getting a stateside release. Wan has become something of his own brand name in the horror community, thanks to the ongoing Conjuring franchise that he helped create, as well as his role in creating the soon-to-oreturn Saw franchise. Just to illustrate that not all of Wan's horror projects have turned to gold though is the little fright flick Demonic, which has been sitting on Dimension's shelf since 2013.

To give horror fans some perspective as to when Demonic was filmed, the movie completed production prior to the summer 2013 release of the original Conjuring film. Wan served as a producer on Demonic, with Will Canon directing. Canon also co-wrote the screenplay with Max La Bella and Doug Simon. None of those people have really gone to do much in Hollywood since, although Wan's name surely helped attract notable talent for the leads, with future Crossbones and The Purge franchise star Frank Grillo, and Golden Globe nominee Maria Bello heading up Demonic's cast.

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Now, after four years in limbo, Bloody Disgusting reports that Demonic is finally soon to receive a stateside release, albeit not a high-profile one. The film will premiere rather innocuously on basic cable, airing on Spike TV this Thursday, July 27 at 8pm EST. Those who would prefer to watch Demonic unedited and commercial free will have to wait until October 10, when the film then receives a wide VOD release. Demonic is also expected to head to Netflix sometime not long after that.

Not every country has had to endure such a long wait for Demonic to debut, as a long list of locales - including Brazil, Japan, the UK, Germany, the Philippines, and several more - saw Demonic receive either a small theatrical run or a home video release back in 2015. It never really makes sense when a U.S.-made film comes out in everywhere but the U.S. first, but it's not like distributor Dimension Films is any stranger to delaying horror films for long periods after they finish production.

Case in point, Dimension recently delayed the release of Amityville: The Awakening for a whopping fourth time. That particular movie has been in the can since 2014, and it remains anyone's guess as to when it'll actually be made available for horror fans to check out. Judging by what happened with Demonic, maybe Amityville just needs to wait for one more year to pass before Dimension finally deigns to put it out.

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Demonic airs July 27 on Spike TV, and premieres on VOD on October 10.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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