Taco Bell Recreating Demolition Man Restaurant At SDCC 2018

The future landscape in Demolition Man envisions a world where Taco Bell is the last standing restaurant chain around; now, real Taco Bell chains will be recreating the future that Demolition Man predicted at San Diego Comic-Con to celebrate the movie's 25th anniversary.

Demolition Man centers around a Los Angeles police officer named John Spartan (Sylvester Stallone) and a criminal named Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes) who are cryogenically frozen for 36 years. The two wake up in an unfamiliar utopia in the year 2032, and Spartan must team up with a mostly non-aggressive future police force (including Sandra Bullock as Lieutenant Lenina Huxley) to take down the criminal once and for all. Among all the changes that have taken place over the 36 years Spartan missed out on were something called "the franchise wars," which Taco Bell won - making it the sole restaurant chain standing. Now, to celebrate Demolition Man's 25th anniversary, Taco Bell is honoring the movie by rolling out some exciting throwbacks to the way Taco Bell was depicted in the movie.

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According to Business InsiderTaco Bell will celebrate Demolition Man's 25th anniversary in several exciting ways. First, they will bring back their Nacho Fries - which debuted back in January, and will be available a la carte with Supreme and BellGrande options - on July 12 for a limited time; the release of which will coincide with details surrounding a mysterious website the food chain revealed called Web of Fries (accompanied by the tagline: "The future is nacho fries"). Then, Taco Bell will open up a high-end pop-up dining experience at San Diego Comic-Con to mimic the upscale restaurant featured in the movie. The dining experience will last between July 19 through July 21. Take a look at the details released by Taco Bell below:

Taco Bell is also offering the opportunity for fans to watch Demolition Man for free on FandangoNOW. And what's more is that the website will reveal answers explaining how exactly they managed to achieve victory during the "franchise wars," which wasn't entirely specified in the movie in full detail. The only official details come from Taco Bell's Chief Brand Officer Marisa Thalberg, who referred to Taco Bell's inclusion in Demolition Man as "a very compelling view of a fictional future."

While Taco Bell played a significant role in Demolition Man's vision of the future, it turns out that the translation didn't end up working internationally. Given that Taco Bell is predominantly a US establishment, other international cuts of the movie had to replace Taco Bell with Pizza Hut instead (seeing as both chains are owned by the same company Yum! Brands). This led to major changes to the movie, including audio dubbing and visual modifications.

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Source: Business Insider, Taco Bell

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