'Deliver Us from Evil' Trailer Teases the Face of True Evil

Eric Bana in Deliver Us from Evil

In 2012 director Scott Derrickson delivered a flawed but seriously scary horror movie in Sinister, the chilling tale of a man who, for some reason, does not turn on any lights when walking around his house at night. Oh, and there was also an ancient demon who preyed on the souls of children and had the kind of face that you don't want to see up close.

Derrickson wrote and directed Hellraiser: Inferno - definitely one of the better Hellraiser sequels - as well as The Exorcism of Emily Rose. In his upcoming horror movie Deliver Us from Evilhe returns again to the subject of demonic possession. Eric Bana plays an NYPD officer whose investigation into a series of disturbing crimes draws him unwittingly into a battle against dark supernatural forces.

A new trailer for Deliver Us from Evil has just been released, showing a terrifying toy owl attack and some night-time demonic activity. The film is "inspired by actual accounts" (it seems like all exorcism movies are) and Derrickson is pretty adept at frightening an audience.

In Sinister there was something of an over-reliance on jump scares that actually made the end product less scary than it might have been without them, but hopefully Deliver Us from Evil won't fall prey to this quite as much. The film also stars Edgar Ramirez (The Counselor) as a priest, pictured in the high-res movie still below.


Edgar Ramirez in Deliver Us from Evil

The trailer itself isn't too scary (the scene with the owl toy is unintentionally hilarious) but demonic possession generally provides plenty of potential nightmare fuel. Deliver Us from Evil was co-written by Derrickson and his regular screenwriting partner Paul Harris Boardman, and also stars Olivia Munn (Magic Mike), Joel McHale (Community) and Sean Harris (Prometheus).

Deliver Us from Evil made it onto Screen Rant's list of most highly anticipated 2014 horror movies, but tell us in the comments whether this trailer had convinced you to see it in theaters this summer.


Deliver Us from Evil is set for release on July 2, 2014.

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