'Deliver Us From Evil' Extended Trailer Delivers the Evil

Even skeptics can get a kick out of temporarily suspending disbelief in the supernatural, and doing so can make classic horror movies like The Exorcist or "true stories" like The Blair Witch Project all the more scary (and fun) to watch. Deliver Us From Evil, the upcoming supernatural horror movie from Scott Derrickson (Sinister), explores the idea that all the crazy night-time goings-on of the Bronx might have a more dangerous side to them than simple human nature.

Deliver Us From Evil is based on the memoirs of Ralph Sarchie, a former NYPD cop who also devoted his time to fighting the supernatural. In the film, Sarchie is played by Eric Bana and is very dismissive of the idea of demons and ghosts - until he meets a few of them face-to-face.

A new trailer for Deliver Us From Evil has now been released, with a full three minutes of scares, but there's little in it that really causes much of a stir. There's a definite sense that Deliver Us From Evil may end up falling back into Sinister's trap of over-reliance on jump scares, and no matter how many times that rolling owl toy shows up in trailers it's still more funny than scary.

Edgar Ramirez in Deliver Us From Evil

In an interview with Shock Till You Drop, Derrickson (who also co-wrote the screenplay for Deliver Us From Evil) said that he was compelled to make the movie because he was fascinated with the idea of a cop, who had seen some of the worst humanity had to offer, "encountering a different kind of evil, a paranormal evil."

Deliver Us From Evil also stars Édgar Ramírez as Mendoza, a Jesuit priest who tries to convince Ralph that his most recent cases can't just be written off as human nature. Olivia Munn (Magic Mike) is seen in this trailer playing Ralph's wife, Jen, and Joel McHale (Community) plays Ralph's partner, Butler.

Do you like the look of this demonic possession tale, or do you feel like it's all been done before? Tell us what you think of this new trailer for Deliver Us From Evil in the comments.


Deliver Us From Evil is out in theaters on July 2, 2014.

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