A Look at the Delayed Thundercats Movie

Another inevitable film that will arise from the classic 80s cartoons genre following the successes of Transformers (and undoubtedly next week’s G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra) is Thundercats.

A proposed Thundercats feature film had been proposed years ago and later said to be entirely CGI. Now it seems that the project has been delayed as it sits in kitty litter development hell.

Not to worry though as it’s a near guarantee that this film will get made sooner or later and to help prepare you for what that movie will look like, we have some concept art for you.

Movieline released four images for the CGI-based animated Thundercats movie that, according to ThundercatsLair, has been “shelved” for the time being by Warner Brothers. The following images represent the direction that they were going for with the project and they look very cool.

Lion-O, leader of the Thundercats

Third Earth, new home of the "Cat's Lair"

Head on over to Movieline to see the other two images featuring The Pyramid and an image of the Mutant Attack as well as higher-resolution shots of these.

With the built-in fanbase of Thundercats and the success of the Transformers movies, I’m surprised that this project, or a live-action film based on the property, hasn’t been fast-tracked for a quick release.

If you’re a Thundercats fan dying for this film to come out, check out the fan-made trailer from the end of last year which features the star-studded cast of Brad Pitt as Lion-O, Hugh Jackman as Tigra and Vin Diesel as Panthro.

Warner Brothers currently has Jerry O’Flaherty, an art director on video games such as Gears of War and Command & Conquer: Renegade set to direct the film based on a screenplay by Paul Sopocy (It's Alive). There’s no official date of release as of yet but it’s been long said to be a 2010 debut which I doubt now as we enter further into the latter half of 2009.

With the project being put on hold, it could be several years before we see more movement on this, but Screen Rant will let you know as soon as anything happens.

What do you think of the artwork?

Source: Movieline, ThundercatsLair

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