Defying Gravity: Does ABC Even Know It's On?

I don't know about you, but when's the last time you've seen a TV commercial for Defying Gravity?  I don't recall seeing one.

It's been noted that Defying Gravity's 8th episode is scheduled to air on September 13th, but after that, it's no longer shown on any schedule for ABC.  Despite having 5 more episodes to go.

What gives?  I haven't watched the show myself but when I inquired with our readers on their reviews on Defying Gravity, we received some great responses.  The various opinions on the show ranged from

"It's just a soap opera in space."

"It's Virtuality all over again."

"Like a slow train wreck."

"Defying Gravity isn’t action based so much as character driven and in my opinion it's been quite compelling"

First, thanks to all the Screen Rant readers for chiming in with your reviews of the show.

Secondly, with the ratings barely scratching even, I'm betting ABC is letting it go to pasture.  Sorry gang.

Source: TV By The Numbers

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