20Zombie Extra: S03E07

Key and Peele Zombie Extra

It’s a safe bet that many of the folks who love Key & Peele also watch The Walking Dead. Keegan and Jordan are no strangers to the cannibalistic undead, and have done several sketches that revolve around zombies. This one though, speaks to their love of zombies

and their experiences with extras - especially extras that have never been on a set before. Watch for this terrible first-time extra to display “Beaker hands,” use a high-pitched voice, and actually say the word “zombie.” It’s all we can do not to face palm.

“Steve” (Keegan) is a seasoned zombie extra, who has been waiting to get that “lunge bump” since season one. As he coaches the new guy (Jordan), Steve becomes increasingly frustrated at the new guy’s lack of zombie skill. Will Steve get his lunge bump? Or something else entirely? David Guintoli, a regular on the show Grimm, plays the lead actor in this fictitious zombie tale.

Key and Peele Epic fake out
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