New Defendor Trailer

A brand new trailer for Defendor has hit the web in preparation for the film's release on DVD in April. The first Defendor trailer came out late last summer to promote its premiere screening at the Toronto International Film Festival. It was quickly picked up by Sony for distribution after it played to positive reception.

Defendor is a comedy-drama about a man who convinces himself he's a superhero out to fight crime and protect the streets of his city against Captain Industry. It is written and directed by Canadian Peter Stebbings, making his feature film debut after years of acting. It stars Woody Harrelson as the titular hero along with recognizable supporting actors, Kat Dennings, Elias Koteas and Sandra Oh.

The trailer itself features a few new scenes and is more action-oriented than the first, but mostly contains a re-arrangement of the scenes shown in the first trailer. Watch and enjoy:

Here's the official synopsis:

When night falls and danger emerges from the shadows of Hammer Town’s alleyways, Defendor is the only man who stands between us and the drug-ravaged streets. He is the last bastion of decency, the last honourable man: he is Defendor! But he is also Arthur Poppington (Woody Harrelson), a simple man who lives in the workshop of the construction company that employs him to hold traffic signs. Arthur is a self-made superhero who runs afoul of the law when he lays a beating on an undercover cop, Chuck Dooney (Elias Koteas), who was abusing a young prostitute named Kat (Kat Dennings). Always the hero, Arthur takes Kat to his secret hideout hoping she can help him find his arch-nemesis, the diabolical Captain Industry. Mistakenly convinced that Captain Industry killed his mother, Arthur has made it his mission to track down this enemy at all costs. But in order to do so, he must first overcome his most difficult challenge ever: convincing the court-appointed psychiatrist Dr. Park (Sandra Oh) that he’s sane enough to be on the streets.

With the hype surrounding the upcoming release of Matthew Vaughn's Kick-Ass, the nobody-to-hero theme may help Defendor catch some attention upon its home video release April 30th which just happens to be two weeks after Kick-Ass hits theaters.

I didn't get a chance to see Defendor while it screened at the TIFF last summer so I'll definitely be picking it up on DVD just to see more of Woody Harrelson's comeback and its strong supporting cast.

Are you interested in checking out Defendor?

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