The Defenders Are Tweeting Each Other

A new series of motion posters from the members of the Defenders teases the heroes eventual team-up in the latest Marvel/Netflix show.

Before they join forces later this year, the various heroes of The Defenders are getting to know each other on social media. While we've known for years that the various Marvel/Netflix shows were heading towards a team-up miniseries, details on The Defenders have been few and far between until recently. In the past few weeks, however, that's changed as promotion for the show has begun gearing up ahead of the show's late summer release.

A few weeks back, we learned Stick's organization the Chaste would be appearing, teasing the return of their rivals the Hand. With the first full Defenders trailer, their return was all but confirmed thanks to the reappearance of Elektra. And just today, word got out that Sigourney Weaver's mysterious villain Alexandra could just be the leader of the ancient sect of ninjas. Of course, in between all of the high profile promotion, social media has been getting fans exciting for quite some time. As anyone who follows the various Twitter accounts associated with the Marvel shows can tell you, they regularly joke with fans and interact with the other shows in the voice of the main character. Now, they've gone one step closer by teasing the eventually meeting of the heroes.

The accounts for The Defenders, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Daredevil have each tweeted out a new motion poster connecting the characters to the larger Netflix corner of the MCU. Check them out below:

Careful @Daredevil.

— The Defenders (@TheDefenders) May 9, 2017

Your lobby could use a bar, @MarvelIronFist.

— Jessica Jones (@JessicaJones) May 9, 2017

Meditation tip: Make plans early with @JessicaJones. She's always late.

— Iron Fist (@MarvelIronFist) May 9, 2017

Hey @Daredevil, let me know when you want to go a round or two.

— Luke Cage (@LukeCage) May 9, 2017

Longtime listener.

— Daredevil (@Daredevil) May 9, 2017

The first one shows Matt Murdock ready for battle on the thirteenth floor of Rand Enterprises. As fans will remember from Iron Fist, that's the off-limits floor where Gao and her Hand associates have embedded themselves with Danny's company. Meanwhile, it looks as if Jessica is waiting outside of the building, anxious for a drink. And in a seeming comedy of errors, Danny is patiently awaiting Jessica at her own office.

Luke, on the other hand, is just keen to go a few rounds with Matt at Fogwell's gym, while the final poster once again focuses on Daredevil and shows he's an avid fan of Trish Talk. While not much about the story is revealed, it's a fun way to market the show. It also serves as five different ways for the series to interact with the fans, as these sorts of tweets usually cascade into a series of funny exchanges between the accounts and the audience.

Hopefully, our heroes get acquainted with one another quickly, as they won't be the only ones teaming up on The Defenders. We learned yesterday that the villains of each series are joining forces, indicating that the events we've seen so far have all been building towards this summer's show. With the premiere just a few months away, expect a lot more promotion, both fun and informative, to arrive soon.

Source: Twitter (Various)

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