The Defenders Set Photos: Luke & Jessica Reunite

Marvel's The Defenders team

When it was first announced a few years back that Marvel would be forming a live-action street-level corner of its Cinematic Universe, fans were wildly excited. Not only would Marvel be teaming with Netflix to create series based around Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, but the shows would be interconnected and all build towards an Avengers-style team-up in The Defenders. Based on the popular comic book team, The Defenders will be all about small-scale threats, specifically to New York and its citizens. Now, after years of building and waiting, it's almost here.

After two seasons of Daredevil and one each of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, only Iron First remains to complete the set. With the origin of Danny Rand coming in March, everything is finally in place for the Defenders to come together and save New York from the threat of Sigourney Weaver. Thanks to a neat video and series of photos a couple of weeks back, we finally got to see the Defenders all together. WE also recently learned the series will hit Netflix sometime in the summer. Now, all that's left is to wait and keep ourselves occupied with the never-ending stream of photos that are coming out of the production.

Thanks to Twitter user Kültürpat, we've now got our first look at Luke Cage and Jessica Jones reuniting since their awkward 'break-up' towards the end of Jessica Jones season 1. Still, what's a shotgun blast to the head among super-friends?


#Defenders setinden yeni fotoğraflar!

— Kültürpat (@Kulturpat) January 27, 2017


While it seems inevitable that Jessica and Luke will get back together (seeing as they're married and have a kid in the comics), the writers and producers are more than happy to make us wait. Aside from Jessica's reluctance to even be a part of the team, there's the fact that Luke and Rosario Dawson's Claire Temple kind of have a thing going. We saw it begin on Luke Cage, but all signs seem to indicate it's still happening when the heroes all join forces.

Any potential relationship drama aside, The Defenders looks like it's going to be a blast. Krysten Ritter is already itching for a second season of the series, and the Netflix shows continue to help add some amazing elements to Marvel's collection of TV shows. All in all, it's a great time to be a comic book and television fan. With filming currently underway for The Defenders, we're certain to learn a whole lot more in the coming weeks as we head towards the show's premiere.

Daredevil Season 1 and 2, Jessica Jones Season 1, and Luke Cage Season 1 are now available on Netflix. Iron Fist will premiere on March 17, 2017. The Defenders will arrive this summer with The Punisher coming later in the year. Premiere dates for the newest seasons of Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Luke Cage have not yet been announced.

Source: Kültürpat

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