Iron Fist Can't Get Into Harlem's Paradise in Defenders Motion Poster

The ribbing continues with a brand new motion poster for The Defenders highlighting Iron Fist's underdog status in the group.

The Defenders is closing out the week with a brand-new motion poster, this time teasing Danny Rand's underdog status in the group. With Iron Fist in the rearview, Marvel and Netflix's next venture is the long-anticipated team-up between the various street-level MCU characters in The Defenders later this summer. Along with The Punisher, coming sometime this year, the show will open the next chapter in this corner of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Of course, it will also be wrapping up a number of threads from each show so far, according to the recent tease that the villains from each show will all be unified under a common leader.

While the series will likely perform well given its dual pedigree, both Marvel and Netflix are still keen on promoting their small-scale version of The Avengers. Following the recent release of the trailer for the show, images and posters have continued to emerge to help market the miniseries. Earlier this week, five motion posters were released highlighting the heroes and locales of the Marvel/Netflix universe and showcasing the sort of sibling rivalry that exists between the characters—and they're not done yet.

It looks as if one final motion poster has been released for the week, with The Defenders Twitter account sending out one featuring Danny Rand outside of Harlem's Paradise. Check it out:

Kung-fu billionaire, still can't get on the list.

— The Defenders (@TheDefenders) May 12, 2017

As Luke Cage viewers will remember, the club is owned by Mariah Dillard following the death Cottonmouth, her cousin and the previous owner. The poster continues the trend from yesterday that saw Luke and Jessica outside of familiar haunts from the various shows.

Like each of the posters so far, the replies from fans and the show accounts alike have been just as entertaining as the original tweet. In particular, there's the takedown from the Luke Cage account, which replies "No shirt, no shoes, no service, no chill" to Iron Fist's complaint.

While these posters haven't offered any concrete about The Defenders, they've certainly led to speculation that each of the spots shown will be featured in the series. Fans are already wondering if the Harlem's Paradise mention means Mariah Dillard will be in the upcoming show. We learned yesterday that Shades would be back for season two of Luke Cage, so perhaps his partner in crime will appear in The Defenders as one of the rogues connected to Sigourney Weaver's mysterious character. Either that, or the posters are just fun nods to the growing Marvel/Netflix universe and a simple way to promote The Defenders. We're fine either way.

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The Defenders arrives on August 18th, with The Punisher coming later this year. Premiere dates for the new seasons of Jessica JonesDaredevil, and Luke Cage have not yet been revealed.

Source: Marvel/Netflix

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