How The Defenders Sets Up The Daughters of the Dragon

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for The Defenders


Heroes for Hire wasn't the only future storyline hinted at in Marvel's The Defenders. Luke Cage and Iron Fist famously joined up in the Marvel Comics for a few runs, and got to fight side-by-side on screen as part of the titular team, but the Netflix show also established the possibility of the Daughters of the Dragon to future battle together.

Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) and Misty Knight (Simone Missick) may only just be meeting for the first time in The Defenders, but in the comics they are the best of friends. The pair first appeared in first appeared in Marvel Team-Up #64 (December 1977), teaming up with Spider-Man to take down Davos (a.ka. Silver Serpent) but enjoyed their first solo outing as a team in Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #32 (January 1977). It was down to Davos - who was played by Sacha Dhawan in Iron Fist season 1 - that the duo got their Daughters of the Dragon name, one he made up to mock them.

Just like in the TV shows, Colleen and Misty played supporting roles not just in their own short run but in the Power Man and Iron Fist series, Marvel Comics Presents #42 (January 1990), #80 (April 1991), and #149 (March 1994) as well as the 2006 Heroes for Hire series. The pair ran a detective agency called Knightwing Restorations Ltd., which Misty started after leaving the police force. She had lost her right arm during a terrorist attack, when a bomb went off in her hand, and decided to become a P.I. instead of sitting behind a desk for the rest of her career. The former cop also got a nifty bionic arm from Tony Stark, giving her super strength that worked a charm when investigating cases got a little rough.

Of course, it's a bit different in the TV show as Misty and Iron Fist (Finn Jones) aren't in a relationship, and she's still an NYPD detective who has both arms intact. She and Colleen meet for the first time just over mid-way through the new series, when the loved ones of the superheroes are rounded up at her police station. The two barely have time to bond, thanks to the Hand's nefarious plans to capture Iron Fist and find "the substance" of immortality, but later, in the final episode, their friendship is forged in battle as they take on Bakuto (Ramón Rodríguez).

Daughters of the Dragon Coleen wing and Misty Knight

Having allowed the Defenders to carry out their plan to stop the Hand, and knowing the bomb is about to blow the building their in up, Misty rushes in to find Colleen and Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson) fighting the Hand leader and two henchman. After taking down the two spares, Misty ends up getting her arm chopped off by Bakuto after jumping in the way of his blades to protect the nurse. Colleen then takes his head off and they rush the cop out to safety before the building blows. If that didn't show they were becoming friends, Misty waking up in her sick bed, one arm less, to see Colleen waiting by her side certainly did.

Colleen reassures the injured detective that she can expect "state-of-the-art' treatment, as the facility is owned by Danny. Missick has been confirmed to appear in Iron Fist season 2, which could see the Daughters of the Dragon team up properly and finally open Knighting Restoration Ltd. for business. Given that Iron Fist is, thus far, the least well-received of all the solo Marvel Netflix shows, incorporating the Daughters of the Dragon into a solid supporting role could be a smart way to prop up the series and appeal to fans who struggled to get invested in Danny's story. Of course, there are plenty of other storylines that could be lifted from the source material too.

Misty once worked as a paralegal for Nelson and Murdock - so maybe she could end up being a P.I at Foggy's new firm - and she and Colleen also used the Daughters of the Dragon title to set up a bail bondsman business. There's also a Shadowland storyline that Knight featured in which saw her intervene in Daredevil's plan to run Hell's Kitchen as the leader of the Hand. In that same series, Daredevil reveals to Colleen that her mother ran a faction of the criminal organization, made up of swordsmen and called The Nail, which her daughter eventually takes leadership of.

In that Shadowland series the Daughters of the Dragon work together with the Heroes for Hire which could mean that, like the Marvel Comics, we can expect more crossover storylines not just in Iron Fist but also Luke Cage, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and even The Punisher, which is expected to premiere on Netflix in November.

Or, if Netflix is feeling generous, a solo Daughters of the Dragon series would be perfectly acceptable too.

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