Jessica Jones Twitter Banter is Now Promoting Bojack Horseman

In a bit of cross-Netflix promotion, the Twitter account for Marvel superhero show Jessica Jones helped one of the actors of the animated dramedy, Bojack Horseman generate buzz for its upcoming fourth season.

In a clever marketing tactic to promote their major superhero event miniseries The DefendersNetflix had been allowing the Twitter accounts of the four team members tease and troll each other by replying to each others posts. Even over the platform of social media, it was fun and thrilling to see Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist interact with each other, successfully building buzz for their eventual team-up later in the summer. The idea is a unique one, and it appears that the experiment was successful and eye-catching enough that Netflix has allowed the accounts to help promote other shows.

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Season 4 of Bojack Horseman promises more of the mixture of laughs and depressing existential drama that has made the show so popular for the streaming service to date. The start of season 4 is noticeably missing one crucial element of the show - Bojack himself. Season 3 pushed Bojack to the brink of mental anxiety, as he decided to get in his car and just drive, disappearing from the lives of the other characters on the series. Actor Aaron Paul, formerly Jesse Pinkman of Breaking Bad and voice of Bojack's laid-back friend Todd on the animated show, took to Twitter to call on the return of Bojack. Luckily, Netflix has a pretty good private investigator on their payroll, who offered to give Paul a hand with his missing persons case:

Need to track someone down?

— Jessica Jones (@JessicaJones) August 24, 2017

— Jessica Jones (@JessicaJones) August 25, 2017

Despite being no more emotionally stable than Bojack and sharing his love of alcohol-fueled benders, Jessica Jones is still a damn good private eye, with an ability and acuity to track down basically anyone she wants and the physical super strength to get herself out of any kind of hairy situation. Bojack certainly doesn't seem to want to be found with the current mess his life is in, but Paul certainly appreciates the offer.

Despite some big and obvious differences, Bojack Horseman and Jessica Jones share similarities in tone and subject matter, making her a good fit for cross-promotion with the show. More importantly, one hopes that these active Twitter interactions from the accounts of the Defenders will continue now that the mini-series is out and available for the public. It's an enjoyable way to add more personality to the relationship of the team members that the budgetary and time restraints of a miniseries could ever provide.

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We'll see if Jones needs to even find Bojack or if the former television superstar will come out of hiding himself when Bojack Horseman season 4 premieres Friday, September 8th on Netflix.

Source: Aaron PaulNetflix

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