The Defenders: Iron Fist ‘Understands the Bigger Threat’

Finn Jones in Iron Fist

The Defenders is Marvel Television's street-level version of The Avengers featuring Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. It's the culmination of three years of serialized television across four series and five seasons and yet very little is actually known about the plot of the upcoming eight-episode team-up miniseries.

Netflix and Marvel have done an extraordinary job of creating several series that not only stand on their own but also crossover in both expected and unexpected ways. Daredevil seems to have laid some of the groundwork for The Defenders, but has left a few dangling questions after season 2 that point to a more mystical threat.

So far, none of the main characters shown so far seem to be aware of what's coming, but that will change once Iron Fist hits the streaming service. During an interview with ET, Finn Jones revealed that his character would be the one who knows more about what's going on. Here's what he told the outlet:

"Danny understands the bigger threat, because he's been dealing it all throughout his life and all throughout season one of Iron Fist. So, when he meets The Defenders, he's the one who really drives the group to understand the bigger picture."

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Iron Fist's storyline will be more mystical than anything seen so far in The Defenders' corner of the MCU. There are a few elements in both seasons of Daredevil that hinted at it but this upcoming series will have much more of it on display.

Viewers will also see the return of Wai Ching Ho as Madame Gao in Iron Fist who first appeared in Daredevil as a heroin dealer. Her product was stamped with the sign of the Steel Serpent and she was shown to be more powerful than Matt Murdock via a mystical punch, so she has always been tied to Danny Rand's story since the beginning. Danny himself may know who and what she actually is since the only thing we know is that Gao is from a place much, much further away than China. Perhaps he'll also know what the giant plot hole — literally, the giant hole in the ground in New York City — is from season 2 of Daredevil and how it fits into The Defenders.

Iron Fist hasn't done well with critics, and it has taken a bit of a beating regarding Jones' casting. However, critics have only had a chance to watch the first six episodes of the season and there has been no mention of how it may tie into The Defenders. This could mean that whatever the team will face in the team-up series will make itself known in the back half of Iron Fist's first season. It is possible that while Iron Fist may start off weak, it could end strong.

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Iron Fist season 1 will be available on Netflix in its entirety on Friday, March 17, 2017.

Source: ET

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