The Defenders: Elodie Yung Interested In Continuing Elektra's Story

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[SPOILERS for The Defenders in the article below.]


The Defenders saw the return and subsequent loss of Matt Murdock's one true love Elektra once again, and star Elodie Yung hopes that the Hand's top assassin will return in some capacity. The end of Defenders saw Matt and Elektra buried together under the Midland Circle building. While Daredevil seemingly escaped, Elektra's whereabouts are unknown. Someone had to carry Daredevil out of the Midland rubble, however, and Elektra is a likely candidate. By the show's end scene, however, her absence raises a number of questions that star Elodie Yung hopes will be answered.

With Matt Murdock safely in the hands of the mysterious Maggie, he's on his way to Daredevil season 3 but Elektra remains at large. There's a good chance she was the one who pulled Matt out of the chasm if she survived the explosion. Tying the two together and continuing one of the most iconic and contentious relationships in Marvel Comics interests Yung.

Yung sat down with THR to discuss Elektra's comeback and if the so-called "black sky" will return to The Defenders universe. There's no telling what direction Marvel and Netflix are taking their partnership beyond Jon Bernthal's Punisher series but the New York-based heroes continue to draw crowds.

Elodie Yung as Elektra from Daredevil season 2


"I really like Elektra. It just feels unfinished. She's done all of that, and now what? Where is she? And he's alive. So, I'm hoping their paths will cross again. I want to know where she lives and what she does and if she’s enjoying life and all of that,”

With a number of potential spinoffs set up by the end of The Defenders, seeing Yung reprise Elektra any sooner then Daredevil season 3 seems unlikely. The character has fans, however, and Marvel never tosses anything away that won't be useful down the road. Yung and the fans seem to agree that this would be an interesting direction to take the character.

“It would be interesting to explore that again, especially after what just happened. But we’ll have to see what Marvel will do with her. I have no clue,”

The relationship between Elektra and Daredevil has a lot of interesting fodder for future comic book storylines, which implies that as long as the MCU lasts there's always a chance the weapon of the Hand could return.

With Matt Murdock alive and staring down one of his most pivotal story lines, it might be prudent to keep Elektra waiting in the wings. Hopefully, she won't be waiting for long. Netflix and Marvel should consider bringing Elektra back (from the dead or otherwise) for the third time.

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Marvel's The Defenders is currently streaming on Netflix. No release date has currently been set for Daredevil season 3

source: THR

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