Things Are Bad For Trish & Karen in New Marvel's The Defenders Clip

The latest clip from The Defenders brings supporting characters Trish Walker and Karen Page together as they uncover the threat the heroes are facing. While The Defenders will bring the main characters from each of the four previous Marvel Netflix show together, they'll need the help of their friends in order to deal with the ancient enemy they'll be facing. With ties to Stick, the Hand, Madame Gao, and more, Alexandra will be like nothing any of the heroes have seen. Luckily, they'll have plenty of assistance.

Daredevil will be joined by Foggy and Karen, with Claire once again lending a hand. We'll also meet Jessica's friends Trish and Malcolm and frenemy Hogarth. Meanwhile, Luke Cage and Danny Rand will bring together Misty Knight and Colleen Wing, teasing the Daughters of the Dragon. We know the main heroes won't all meet in the the first episode, but the various characters and story threads will eventually pull the entire ensemble together for one massive scene. As we await The Defenders' release, clips from the series have been teasing some of the eventual team-ups we'll see on the show.

The Jessica Jones Twitter account has shared a new clip from The Defenders, briefly teasing the meeting of Trish and Karen as the former learns just how powerful of a threat New York is facing.

See? I care. #DEFEND

— Jessica Jones (@JessicaJones) August 15, 2017

Though short, we can see that Karen's work as a journalist for the New York Bulletin will find her connecting the dots of what's going on in The Defenders. Meanwhile, Trish's training should provide Karen with some muscle should the threat come knocking on their door. While Trish may come into her own as a hero in the new show, Karen will likely be dealing with the fallout of Matt revealing his identity to her. We may even get more teases about her mysterious past.

With The Defenders coming up fast, other clips have helped to set the scene for the show. In a recent one, Matt talks about the death of Elektra to Father Lantom. Of course, his former flame isn't quite dead yet, and will be threatening the heroes alongside Alexandra. And speaking of the villain, yet another clip from the show teased her past with Madame Gao, proving just how dangerous the new character is and how deep her ties to the villains of the MCU go.

As Friday approaches, more glimpses of the show will make their way online. Though the final trailer has already been released, expect more clips and promos as we inch closer to the debut of The Defenders.

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The Defenders premieres on August 18 on Netflix, with The Punisher premiering later in 2017. Additional seasons of DaredevilJessica Jones, and Luke Cage are expected to air in 2018, with the new season of Iron Fist coming sometime in the future.

Source: Jessica Jones

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