The Defenders Episode 1 Clip: Daredevil Confesses About Elektra

There's not long left until The Defenders  premieres on Netflix, and if there wasn't already enough hype around the new series the streaming service has released a new clip. Posted on Twitter, the short video from episode 1 focuses on Daredevil and it makes it very clear that the vigilante still suffers from Catholic guilt as much as ever. Charlie Cox appears in a confession booth, as Matt Murdoch wearing his attorney-at-law uniform, and it sounds like he's still very much conflicted by his former life and the loss of Elektra - who sacrificed her life for his at the end of Daredevil season two.

"Matthew I wanna talk frankly, this other life you led is your heart still with it?" asks the priest, "or is it with the one who walked through it by your side?" Matt replies, "Elektra, yeah. I do miss her but how do I know if the things she brought out in me were wrong?" Clearly he isn't finding his normal non-Daredevil, ninja-fighting life as interesting as he hoped after the death of his former girlfriend, and it appears he's using that as an excuse to maybe begin crime-fighting again. "Maybe she'd tell me I'm abandoning that life and with it her memory."

We have a confession... this is from episode 1. #DEFEND

— The Defenders (@TheDefenders) July 23, 2017

As much as the priest wants the blind lawyer to move on Matt is still holding onto his old life, which saw him take his crime-fighting mantle on more fully than in the first season, and from what has been written so far about this first episode of The Defenders, an internal battle will play out within himself as well as two of his new teammates. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are like Daredevil in that they feel burdened by their gifts and the question of whether they should become New York's finest superheroes or just leave the crime fighting to New York's Finest.

One thing this clip definitely does show is that Matt's Catholic guilt is still as much a part of him as his special abilities and savvy legal skills. The first episode of Daredevil opened with him in a confession booth, followed by various other religious-themed scenes dotted throughout seasons one and two, and it's a testament to Netflix and The Defenders showrunners Douglas Petrie and Marco Ramirez that they've ensured that this aspect of his identity remains intact.

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