Deep Blue Sea is Getting a Direct to DVD Sequel

In case you aren't already afraid to head into the water, Deep Blue Sea is getting a direct-to-DVD sequel, Deep Blue Sea 2.

Renny Harlin's 1999 film reignited Hollywood's fear of sharks by focussing on a team of scientists trapped on a research base. When struck by a freak storm, the group were forced to do battle with some super-intelligent sharks as they were picked off one by one. Long before Samuel L. Jackson was tackling Snakes on a Plane, Deep Blue Sea offered one of his corniest (and to some, one of his most underrated) movie performances and one hell of a movie death.

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Heading to DVD, the movie has a release date and an official trailer. Deep Blue Sea 2 now finds a home under the Warner Bros. umbrella in conjunction with SyFy, but is it just relying on the reputation of its predecessor? IGN has unveiled an exclusive trailer, so make your own judgment.

Samuel L. Jackson in Deep Blue Sea

The sequel stars Danielle Savre as shark conservationist Dr. Misty Calhoun, teaming up with Michael Beach's pharmaceutical billionaire and toying with sharks all over again. As the trailer shows, we're heading back underwater to another medical facility and messing with the intelligence of sharks with disastrous results. While it might look like a straight rehash of the first movie, expect Deep Blue Sea 2 to be just as fun in terms of popcorn viewing.

The idea of Deep Blue Sea 2 has been floating around for quite some time, with Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus director Jack Perez even pitching ambitious plans for a sequel involving submarines and weaponized sharks. In a wave of movies like MegMega Shark, and the many Sharknado movies, now seems like an odd time to release a Deep Blue Sea-quel, but the appetite must be out there somewhere. While it may lack the big names like Jackson, Thomas Jane, and Saffron Burrows, the promise of "stronger, wiser, deadlier," amps up hopes that the sequel is worth it for Warner Bros. and SyFy.

The sequel was only officially announced in July last year, confirming that none of the original cast would return - sorry LL Cool J - but it could rocket sales just on its name alone. Deep Blue Sea wasn't exactly up there in the leagues with Jaws in terms of character or plot development, and it looks like No. 2 will be laying on the cheese thick and fast when it hits home release in July. Sure, Deep Blue Sea 2 may not be working with the budget of the original, but we still can't wait to take a dip back into the cult world of brainy bull sharks.

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Source: IGN

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