Debunked: Boyle NOT Doing 'Bond'

When it comes to rumors there are those which do seem plausible but for whatever reason they just don't seem very probable. Some are so outlandishly absurd (such as the infamous "Eddie Murphy as The Riddler" rumour) that there's absolutely no way in hell they're true. And of course there are those which sit in a not-so-happy medium.

Well over the last week or so there has been a rumor floating around that although there was little evidence to support it, people ran with it because it was appealing in some way.

What was it? That Danny Boyle is going to direct the next James Bond film (known for the time being as simply Bond 23). Well thanks to Entertainment Weekly we have word straight from Boyle that this rumor is in fact totally untrue:

"I enjoy the Bond movies, always have and always will, but I have no plans to direct one," Boyle says via e-mail. "I don't know who came up with the story, but please tell them I'm very flattered to be thought of!"

Well, there you go. Would it have been cool to see what Boyle might have done with the spy franchise? Sure, but it's not like he was everyone's first choice for it, and even less likely that now that we learn it's untrue people are going to arrange boycotts of the next movie (like some people did when Daniel Craig was first announced as the new Bond - silly people).

Sources: Hollywood Insider, NewFilmDimension and /Film (for the cool pic at the top of this post).

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