Amazing Deathstroke Statue Revealed by Sideshow Collectibles


Batman arguably has one of the greatest Rogues Galleries in all of comics, and many of these classic villains have graced the big screen - some several times over. One foe who hasn't appeared in a film yet is Deathstroke, but that looks to change in the near future. Actor Joe Manganiello was cast to bring Slade Wilson to life in the DC Extended Universe and is positioned as the main antagonist of The Batman. While it remains to be seen if anything changes now that Matt Reeves is directing the project, presumably Deathstroke will still be part of the movie in some capacity.

As Deathstroke's profile continues to rise, more and more fans of the property will want to bring home merchandise featuring the character - especially if he's a scene-stealing villain in a feature film. For years, Sideshow Collectibles has been one of the top providers in this realm, crafting photorealistic figures based on a variety of pop culture franchises - from Marvel to Star Wars to DC. As their roster of statues continues to grow, there's a new Deathstroke waiting to call your shelf home.

Today a new Deathstroke Sideshow Collectibles statue was fully revealed as part of the Premier Format Figure line. It comes complete with changeable hands, one of which holds Deathstroke's Power Staff. His opposite hands holds the iconic sword that DC fans know from the comic books. The statue will retail for retail for $524.99, putting it at a lower price point than the pre-existing Arkham Origins Deathstroke statue. Ordering information will be available later today.

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Deathstroke is a long-standing DC Comics villains and the universe's most skilled assassin. He is a character tightly tied to Dick Grayson/Nightwing who clashed repeatedly with with the first team Grayson ever led - the Teen Titans. At times he has also come into conflict with Green Arrow, the Justice League and Batman. The Sideshow Design and Development team that worked on this Premier Format Figure includes sculptors: Alessandro Baldasseroni, Will Harbottle, Earl Ellis and Alfred Paredes.

Sideshow Collectibles continues their trend of doing outstanding work and protecting their reputation as the geek world's premier figure makers. Since Deathstroke should have a presence in the films and is the star of his own critically successful DC: Rebirth title, he is a great choice to add to the Premier Format Figure. Additionally, the format lends itself to celebrate his arsenal of amazing weaponry.

It does seem a touch early for big Sideshow Collectibles announcements. Popular statues tend to be unveiled at major comic book conventions throughout the year. This may be heralding an even longer buying season, just as convention season and blockbuster movie season just seem to be getting longer and longer as the years go on. There is nothing to take away from the craftsmanship that has gone into this Deathstroke - not even the high, high price point.


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