Deathstroke Reveal Updated with Ron Perlman Voiceover

Deathstroke Reveal Updated with Ron Perlman Voiceover

The DC Extended Universe recently added an exciting new adversary, as Deathstroke was unveiled as a part of the forthcoming Justice League epic. The popular scoundrel – who previously made appearances across the DC comic book universe, The CW’s Arrow, and the animated Teen Titans series – may also play the main menace (unconfirmed) in Ben Affleck’s solo Batman film. Since Warner Bros. has remained tight lipped about the role, the web has been flooded with articles, concept art, and theories debating who will play the assassin.

Early circumstantial evidence points to actor Joe Manganiello, especially with his presence in London (where Justice League is filming) and his recent following of director Zack Snyder's Twitter account. Front runner or not, one fan inserted another actor into the role, mostly to give Deathstroke a voice.

A Twitter user who goes by the handle of Mister_Batfleck took it upon himself to add a little audio to the teaser clip from last Monday, using Ron Perlman’s voice to add the oozing menace required of the coldhearted anti-hero. Tweeting the clip, he address his rationale and Perlman, saying “Had to see what he’d sound like with @perlmutations [sic] voice.” The results are effective and chilling. Take a look and listen below:

Had to see what he'd sound like with @perlmutations voice.

— MisterBatfleck (@Mister_Batfleck) August 30, 2016

Longtime DC devotees will recognize Perlman as the voice of Slade Wilson from his turn as the mercenary on the Teen Titans animated series. The sample comes from a fight on the show between Deathstroke and Robin. Since being released, the bonus audio has been well-received by fans. The Hellboy actor himself even chimed in on the video (via Comic Book), saying “I rest Mr BatFleck’s case.”

I rest Mr BatFleck's case.

— Ron Perlman (@perlmutations) August 30, 2016

It sounds as though Perlman would be down to put on the eye patch and orange and black armor in real life. Of course, his interest in reprising the Slade Wilson role isn’t confirmation of his participation in either film. Transplanting the formidable actor from voice work onto the big screen would be an interesting route for DC to go – one which would certainly maintain some consistency for the character. Perlman certainly has the chops and the size to take on the role, in addition to his experience with the mercenary. Nonetheless, the Deathstroke part may have already been cast, as the footeage from on set certainly wasn't CGI.

Of course, many CW fans were hoping that Manu Bennett would reprise his role on the big screen. While Wilson’s appearance on set does make it seem like Snyder and crew have found someone to play the hired gun, it's also possible the footage was merely a costume test. Also, Deathstroke's role in Justice League could be a silent cameo. Hopefully, Warner Bros. and DC will reveal more about his casting shortly – and will give him something to say as well.

Who would you like to see play Deathstroke on the big screen?

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Source: Mister_Batfleck, Ron Perlman, Comic Book

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