Fan Artist Imagines What A Deathstroke Vs. Red Hood Movie Could Look Like

Batman's former sidekick squares off with one his greatest enemies, and a certain Supernatural star came along for the ride!

With news that a Deathstroke movie may be on the way from Warner Bros., a fan artist has made his own rendition of what the films could look like -- with the Red Hood along for the ride. The news that Slade Wilson is in line to star in his own solo adventure comes as a pretty big shock, especially since it was believed that the character was being put on the backburner after Matt Reeves was brought on board to direct The Batman. Star Ben Affleck's original script for that film, which featured Deathstroke as the main villain, was apparently set aside so that Reeves could do a full rewrite. This, along with the Justice League reshoots that could result in Deathstroke's DCEU debut ending up on the cutting room floor, called into question whether or not we'd even be seeing the character on the big screen at all.

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But with the big report coming from The Wrap having been substantiated to a degree by activity on rumored director Gareth Evans' Instagram account, it feels safe to assume that a movie starring Slade Wilson is at least being discussed by the decision makers behind DC's shared universe. Fans are certainly excited to hear the big news, and well-known fan artist BossLogic looks to be capitalizing on the buzz by showing off his vision of a Deathstroke film. And from the looks of things, his vision centers around Slade squaring off with a former Boy Wonder.


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As you can see, BossLogic does solid work with his sideview rendition of Deathstroke, but its his Red Hood addition that will draw even more attention to this particular work. For non-comic fans, the Red Hood is Jason Todd, the believed dead former sidekick of Batman and Dick Grayson's replacement as Robin. Like more modern depictions of Deathstroke, the Red Hood falls squarely in the antihero camp, so he'd certainly be an interesting co-star for Slade Wilson if Warner Bros. was onboard.

But perhaps even more interesting than BossLogic's decision to work Red Hood into the mix was the model for his depiction, Jensen Ackles. The actor may be best known for starring on the hit CW series Supernatural for 12+ seasons, but DC fans in particular love him for his voice work in the acclaimed animated feature Batman: Under the Red Hood, in which he voiced Jason Todd. When it comes to online campaigns for a certain actor to take a certain role in the superhero movie genre, perhaps no pairing in Hollywood has as much fan support as Jensen Ackles/Red Hood does. Whether or not it's an ideal match (Ackles is pushing 40, making him less than 5 years younger than Ben Affleck) is debatable, but the fan demand isn't.

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Source: Bosslogic

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