Deathstroke Has an Eye For Batman in New Fan Art

Following the announcement of his solo film, Deathstroke fan art teases a confrontation between Slade Wilson and arch-nemesis Batman.

Batman Arkham Deathstroke Armor

Following the report that Deathstroke will be getting his own film, new fan art imagines what the marketing for the movie would look like. In a word: batty.

The Deathstroke movie will star the long-attached Joe Manganiello and be directed by The Raid's Gareth Evans. Originally, the villain was supposed to star opposite Ben Affleck in The Batman, but changes to the project with Matt Reeves coming in to direct (replacing Affleck) and a reported overhauled script has left us guessing where Slade Wilson now fits in the bigger DC Films' blueprint. Now, we finally know - and fans are loving it.


Twitter user Messy Pandas has created a fan-made poster of what they envisage the film being. Twisting a close-up image of Slade Wilson's mask Manganiello recently shared, it incorporates Batman's signature bat insignia on the mask's eye slits. Check it out below.

Deathstroke poster @JoeManganiello #Deathstroke #DC #DCEU #Batman #JoeManganiello #SladeWilson

— MessyPandas (@MessyPandas) October 28, 2017

Deathstroke fan art has always been popular online, but following the announcement, the volume has definitely increased. He's a popular villain/anti-hero, one that fans have been waiting far too long to see on the big screen.

Details regarding the planned Deathstroke standalone are still rather scant at this point, presumably because it is still in the early stages. Outside of confirmation that Manganiello is going to bring the character t0 life on the big screen (something that we have known for quite a long time already), no other information has been made public. Even Bruce Wayne's presence is up in the air, although it's clear many fans are hoping Batman at least makes a small appearance.

A Deathstroke standalone fits with DC Films' boss Geoff Johns' previous statement about wanting to create a Batman Universe with other Dark Knight supporting characters. And now, that seems to be coming into fruition with planned solo outings like Nightwing, Batgirl, Joker v. Harley and more recently, Deathstroke. Whether these adventures will interlink and crossover, perhaps all coming together for the Bat of Gotham's own standalone is unclear. Further, it is also curious how the alternate universe Joker origins film will factor in all this.


Source: Messy Pandas

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