Deathloop Is A New Stylish Shooter From The Dishonored Devs

Deathloop Trailer

The developers behind Dishonored are back with a new game. Arkane has become a go-to studio for exciting games, and at the Bethesda press conference for E3 2019 Arkane announced its next project. This title is a stylish-looking action game called Deathloop.

Arkane Studios has released some of the most impressive video games that Bethesda has published. The Dishonored franchise's blend of stealth and action has earned in plenty of fans, while 2017's Prey also received a strong reception, even if sales weren't perhaps as high as Bethesda and Arkane may have hoped. With Dishonored going on a hiatus, it was going to be interesting to see what the creative minds at Arkane would come up with next.

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Thanks to E3 2019, this has now been confirmed. Arkane Studios took the stage during Bethesda's press conference at the expo, and showcased the new project for the gaming community. The game in question is Deathloop, which sees assassins trapped in an endless cycle of violence. The debut trailer can be seen below.

Deathloop is set on the island of Blackreef. The island has some peculiar properties, namely the ability to die and come back over and over again, which is hardly a pleasant experience for those imprisoned there. That's where the player comes in as they attempt to come out on top over the other dangerous inhabitants - particularly the other assassin stuck on the island.

The game will be first person in nature, which will hardly come as a surprise to those who have played other games from Arkane Studios. However, other natures of the gameplay certainly might be of interest. In particular, Arkane promises that players will be able to come at their targets from different angles, which brings to mind such classic assassin-based titles as the Hitman series.

Between its interesting setting, intriguing gameplay and its fun, grindhouse-style aesthetic, it's certainly a good debut for Deathloop. Of course, with no release date set and potentially years before the game comes out, it's worth taking this announcement with a grain of salt until more finite details are provided such as gameplay footage. However, given Arkane's track record this could be one to watch.

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