The Death of Superman Full Trailer Released

The first full trailer for The Death of Superman animated film has arrived. The first look at the forthcoming flick included in the growing roster of DC Universe Original Animated Movies came in February, included on Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay's iTunes Extra page. Not long after that, a sneak-peek for the movie made the rounds online gaining attention from fans. And now that an official preview is released, it's expected that loyal DC followers will start to talk more about the project.

The Death of Superman was first announced during last year’s San Diego Comic-Con. The movie, directed by Jake Castorena, will adapt the comic book narrative of the same name from 1992. Featuring a loaded voice cast that includes Jerry O'Connell as Clark Kent/Superman, Rosario Dawson as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern, Matt Lanter as Arthur Curry/Aquaman, Shemar Moore as Victor Stone/Cyborg and Rebecca Romijn as Lois Lane among others, The Death of Superman animated film is promised to be a more faithful on-screen adaptation to the beloved DC comic book narrative.

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Prior to the release of the trailer, Warner Bros. teased that the first full preview for the upcoming animated film would be coming today with the iconic clip of Superman's cape ripped from the pages of the comics. Now, it has arrived online courtesy of IGN, check it out in the space above.

The Death of Superman Animated Movie Superman with Lois Lane

Clocking in at just less than two minutes, the trailer focuses on the arrival of Doomsday and the Justice League's attempt at containing him. However, as seen, despite their combined efforts, the team struggles to defeat the extraterrestrial threat prompting Batman to call Clark. While the people behind the animated film have previously promised a more faithful adaptation of the narrative's comic book source, it's curious if Warner Bros. and DC would take the creative liberty to switch-up some of the bigger moments for the sake of keeping the film's take fresh and interesting. Especially, when this particular storyline has been retreaded a few times already, the latest being 2016's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, which ended with the sacrificial death of Superman.

Reactions to the new trailer are mixed. While a lot of people are excited to see this take on the iconic comics narrative, some have pointed out that this has been done a couple of times already, and it would be nice if Warner Bros. and DC would also consider other stories, or even characters, in creating new projects. It's understandable that the studio would choose their most bankable IPs, such as Superman and Batman, but they may be missing on the possibility of building up new characters that could expand their roster of popular properties.

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The Death of Superman will be available on home video August 7.

Source: IGN

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