Death Stranding: How to Get the Trike Motorcycle Working

Death Stranding Motorcycle

Getting around in Death Stranding is much easier when players can access the Trike motorcycle located within the first chapters of the game. Of course, walking is a massive part of Death Stranding since players are meant to work a little to achieve their deliveries. But when there's the opportunity to zip around on a Trike, players are right to want to capitalize on the chance encounter. Of course, finding one can take some time in the early goings, but it's well worth it in the long run to secure a Trike.

Players will first encounter the Trike out in front of the aptly titled Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City. Sadly, the Trike is not in a state to be driven around at this time, so players will be unable to make use of it. If players act quickly enough, though, they'll be able to charge the vehicle and get it stored before the corrosive rain - Time Fall - completely obliterates it.

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In order to charge up the Trike motorcycle in Death Stranding, players will first have to unlock the ability to build a generator. A character known as Mama is responsible for bestowing this ability on Sam Bridges, but it only comes after players have completed enough missions and visited the Wind Farm location to the North-West of the Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City.

Death Stranding Motorcycle

After completing that mission for the first time, Mama will contact Sam and send him the schematics to build a generator. Returning to the Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City, players will see a rusted Trike awaiting them. If a player doesn't already have a device to build structures in their inventory (a Portable Chiral Constructor), a quick trip into the distribution center to create one will remedy that situation. Players may remember this device as the same one they used to build a bridge in Death Stranding earlier. After that's done, players need only select a generator (which can be done by holding right on the D-pad and scrolling through the various options available through the Portable Chiral Constructor) and then erecting the structure next to the Trike.

Once built, the Trike will begin to charge up. After the battery is full charged, players can drive the rusted motorcycle into the base and store it, which will automatically repair the vehicle. This can be done by going to the main hub in the base and selecting 'Store Vehicle'. Once summoned again, the Trike will be returned to its original form and players will be able to use it at their leisure.

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