People Want Death Stranding Content So Bad They're Praising Its Title Screen

People are so hyped up for the upcoming release of Death Stranding they are even praising the game's title screen. Announced over three years ago as Hideo Kojima's first project following his departure from the long-time Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill developer Konami, Death Stranding has both confused and excited fans with nearly every new piece of information released, including the fact that players will be able to make The Walking Dead and Death Stranding's star Norman Reedus punch the camera by looking at his groin.

With only a few weeks away until the game's November 8th release date, fans are hungry for any new tidbits of information which could give them new clues about what to expect from Kojima's next project. With the newest Death Stranding trailer only leaving fans more confused and a baffling multiplayer which is described as being like Into The Spider-Verse with no PlayStation Plus required, players need all the extra information they can get.

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This excessive excitement for the game's release is perhaps the most obvious reason why the game's title screen has being praised so heavily. Three days ago, a Reddit thread was made showing off the game's opening start menu splash screen, and even more recently the same user, Noctis2488, posted an image which displayed the in-game controls. Both images quickly rose to the top of Death Stranding's subreddit with some players worshiping it outright and others deciding they should leave in order to avoid further spoilers.

Death Stranding Gamescom Gameplay Presentation Urine BB

Since Death Stranding has gone gold, it's only a matter of time before more spoilers leak onto the internet ahead of the game's release. Other, also-spoiler-tagged posts in Death Stranding's subreddit include gameplay photos taken from 4chan and Discord, but these more information-laded photographs have comparatively far less views than the one simple shot of the title screen's start menu.

It seems like fans are so excited for Death Stranding they will praise the game's title screen, but many of them draw the line at looking at actual photographs from gameplay. Whether this is a moral choice or a simple wish not to spoil anything for themselves, what is assured is that hype for Death Stranding, both in its subreddit and beyond, is palpable. Hopefully, Kojima's long-touted game will live up to not only player expectations but also his own when it releases next month, but until then anxious players have little else to do besides wonder just why Norman Reedus has grenades filled with his own body fluids.

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Source: Reddit

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