• Death Stranding will be a major feature of Tokyo Game Show 2019. 1 / 8

    Death Stranding Logo Vertical
  • According to Hideo Kojima, the game's new trailer will essentially be like watching a short film... 2 / 8

    Death Stranding Troy Baker Vertical
  • it clocks in at a whopping 49 minutes long. 3 / 8

    Death Stranding Bridge Baby Vertical
  • Death Stranding is getting a lot more coverage, but fans still don't have a great idea of what it is. 4 / 8

    Death Stranding Golden Mask vertical
  • Bridge babies are involved, alongside a journey to connect America as Sam, Norman Reedus' character... 5 / 8

  • ...but the many supernatural elements of the game remain difficult to ascertain at this time. 6 / 8

    Death Stranding Mikkelsen Fire Vertical
  • Knowing Kojima and Death Stranding, even 49 minutes won't be enough to shed light on many of these subjects, but fans will be captivated nonetheless. 7 / 8

    Death Stranding Rain Vertical
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