Death Stranding's TGS 2019 Trailer Is 49 Minutes Long

Death Stranding TGS 2019 Trailer Length Hideo Kojima

The Death Stranding TGS 2019 trailer will be 49 minutes long, according to a teaser tweet from game director Hideo Kojima sent earlier this week. Death Stranding is one of the year's last big releases, an on-again off-again PlayStation 4 exclusive that seems set to catapult the console's possible last year as a current-gen device into strong holiday sales.

Death Stranding is also the first game released by legendary developer Kojima since his messy departure from Konami nearly five years ago. Despite a lot more information being released about the game over the past few months thanks to the summer convention circuit, not much about Death Stranding is known - or rather, not much about Death Stranding makes much sense at the moment. From what players have gathered over a series of cryptic trailers and gameplay reveals, the game follows Norman Reedus' Sam as he attempts to "connect" the United States after a catastrophic event severs communication and structure across the nation. Bridge babies are also heavily involved, serving as both a defense mechanism against supernatural beings and as the hope for the future in the game.

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Players looking for answers are bound to get a few more of them at Tokyo Game Show 2019, though. Hideo Kojima tweeted out a teaser image that promised that show's Death Stranding trailer will be a whopping 49 minutes long. That will be the longest uninterrupted look at Death Stranding consumers have gotten thus far, although Kojima didn't share whether or not the bulk of the trailer would be comprised of elements fans have already seen, like the lengthy gameplay segment that debuted at Gamescom 2019 this year and included a cameo from The Game Awards' Geoff Keighley.

Despite not even having Death Stranding in their hands yet, consumers are also already buzzing about what Hideo Kojima's next game might be. That's likely because Kojima himself teased having an idea for a new project already percolating, but the relative obscurity of what to expect from Death Stranding also makes it easier to wonder about what the future might hold for Kojima Productions. Knowing Kojima, there's every chance that Death Stranding will contain a hint at what comes next, though unearthing it - and understanding what it means - is the sort of thing best left to well-educated superfans.

Will Death Stranding steal the show at TGS 2019? That remains to be seen, although it has the potential to - both figuratively and literally. The Death Stranding TGS 2019 trailer's 49 minute runtime is an absurd length for a video game, and it's worth wondering if there will simply be more questions than answers, just like the game's Gamescom 2019 experience, by the time it's finished broadcasting.

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Source: Hideo Kojima/Twitter

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