The Latest Death Stranding Trailer is Insanely Weird and Creepy

The latest Death Stranding trailer may come in at eight minutes in length, but those interested in the game might be left with even more questions. Hideo Kojima's first project after his fractious departure from Konami has had fans of the developer's work intrigued, particularly given its star-studded cast including Mads Mikkelsen and Norman Reedus.

To say that the game's promotion thus far has been esoteric, however, is something of an understatement. Those watching Death Stranding's early trailers have been left wondering about things such as the significance of newborn infants or exactly what has been happening to Mads Mikkelsen's eyes. Even though Silent Hills was cancelled when Kojima left Konami, it certainly seemed as though there was enough to keep players unnerved in Death Stranding itself.

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This new trailer will do little to ease the tension then. It opens with Norman Reedus wearing some kind of body suit, in a dark and desolate landscape with a pair of other characters. Reedus, whose character is referred to as Sam, warns one of the others to be quiet, as something is approaching. Before too long, prints begin appearing in the dirt around them.

Norman Reedus in Death Stranding

From there, however, things take an even worse turn. The black oil-like substance from the previous trailer reappears, along with giants in the distance, as gravity begins to shift. Eventually, Norman Reedus' Sam is left alone save a canister containing a baby, before an explosion knocks him unconscious. Sam awakes on the edge of a crater, looking at five floating figures in the distance. "Once there was an explosion: a bang that gave rise to life as we know it," says Reedus in a voiceover. "And then came the next explosion: an explosion that will be our last."

Although the trailer itself does little to tell the story of Death Stranding, it gives fans a much better idea about the tone of the game. The dark atmosphere of the previous trailers returns, but the science fiction elements are much more at the forefront, with the appearance of the giant and the weird nature of the entire scenario giving off a cosmic horror vibe. Although Kojima is done with horror games, it definitely looks like Death Stranding is going to have its creepy moments.

Hopefully, it won't be long before interested gamers learn a little bit more about the project. At the moment, Death Stranding's release window is still up in the air, although Kojima himself has previously hinted at a 2018 launch. Should that not materialise, at the very least Death Stranding looks like a game worth waiting for.

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Source: Kojima Productions

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