Here Are A Bunch of New Death Stranding Rumored Leaks

Update: Here's the E3 2018 Death Stranding trailer and our detailed breakdown!

More rumors about Death Stranding's upcoming E3 2018 appearance have surfaced. This time it comes from a 4chan user claiming to have knowledge of the upcoming presentation, and new details about the mysterious PlayStation exclusive, which they say will release in early 2020. These sort of rumors should obviously be taken with a grain of salt, but they can be spot-on like the April Fool's Pokémon leaker was.

The next game from Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima, Death Stranding has polarized the gaming world since it was revealed during E3 2016 via a trailer starring Norman Reedus. Since then, the game has been in development at the new Kojima Productions studio, and two additional trailers (with each one remarkably being stranger than the last) have been released.

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According to the forum poster (hat tip The Nerd Mag), the trailer will end on a scene that has Norman Reedus' character, Sam, lying naked on the beach. Kojima will then take the stage, sync his PlayStation 4 controller with the bracelet that Sam wears, and then a live gameplay demo will begin. It will allow players to see the same sequence in the trailer from a different perspective.

Norman Reedus in Death Stranding

On top of the presentation itself, the poster also provided some additional details about Death Stranding's universe. They say that the game will feature a wide range of vehicles, weapons, and gear from different eras, which will tie into the game's theme of time travel. This will also play a part of the game's multiplayer, as player-versus-player battles can supposedly happen at any time due to players crossing timelines while time traveling. He ends the post by saying that death will have an air of permanence in the game, as it closes out a potential timeline forever. This results in players polluting the ocean, which has been an element seen in early trailers.

They also shed light on the baby that has been a central focus of the past trailers, saying that it "exists as a singular, it is not something that is instanced each time you boot up the game. The causing the time distortions and dimensions crossover, which is multiplayer." They go on to expand upon the global player collaboration element by saying that players will have to decide as a community whether or not to kill the baby, and thus end Death Stranding's multiplayer, or to let it live on.

These details make Death Stranding out to be an incredibly ambitious title, but that's sort of what players would expect from Hideo Kojima at this point. A lot of the ideas seem absolutely bonkers, and that's exactly what the past trailers have been as well. Regardless of if these rumors are true or not, it's clear that Kojima is making his strangest game yet.

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Source: 4chan (via The Nerd Mag)

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