Death Stranding Release Date Announcement at The Game Awards?

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Is it possible Sony will announce a release date for Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding at The Game Awards 2018? Rumors have surfaced suggesting the company will not only make such an announcement but also release new footage from the title.

Death Stranding is the first title from Kojima since his highly publicized departure from Konami. He initially announced the title in 2016, although the first full trailer didn't drop until E3 2018. The action title, set in an open world environment, still has a mysterious story, although Kojima has said that it relates to the concepts of life and death. Death Stranding also has a Hollywood-worthy cast, including Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Guillermo del Toro and Lindsay Wagner. Everything seen so far from the title seems enigmatic, and it is likely players won't truly understand it until it releases, whenever that might happen.

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Players might soon have a better idea of when Death Stranding will release, though. A rumor posted on the Brazilian website Combo Infinito claims Sony will announce the title's release date during The Game Awards 2018. The rumor also suggests that Sony will announce release dates for two more titles: Ghost of Tsushima and Dreams. The site also suggests that The Game Awards will showcase new footage from all three games.

Keep in mind that this is speculation. It isn't like Sony to make such a big announcement during an awards show. However, Geoff Keighley, the man behind The Game Awards, has a good relationship with Kojima. In 2015, Kojima was supposed to appear at the awards show to accept an award for Metal Gear Solid V. Konami, though, would not allow Kojima to attend on the game's behalf. The following year, Keighley made an emotional speech in support of Kojima before presenting the developer with the 2016 Industry Icon award. So it wouldn't be shocking if Sony and Kojima use the awards show to announce the Death Stranding release date and debut new footage.

In the meantime, Kojima fans continue to watch the Death Stranding teasers and trailers for more hints about the game. Although a lot of theories exist, Kojima has allowed the game to maintain its mysterious reputation. Will Sony announce the game's official release date at The Game Awards 2018? Will fans get to see new footage that might explain more about the title's premise? At this point, it's anyone's guess, but it is now likely that Kojima fans will watch The Game Awards with bated breath.

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Source: Combo Infinito

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