Death Stranding Is No Longer Listed As PS4 Exclusive

Hideo Kojima's hotly-anticipated Death Stranding is no longer being called a PlayStation 4 exclusive by Sony, rekindling rumors that the game will be heading to PC as well. When Death Stranding was originally announced as Kojima's first-ever independent title - back when it didn't even have a name to be called - it was discussed as a PS4 console exclusive, with the developers stating that there were plans to bring it to PC as well.

Since then, however, little has emerged about Death Stranding on PC, and the game has been heavily marketed as a PS4 exclusive. Death Stranding uses the Decima Engine from Horizon: Zero Dawn, another game that is a PS4 exclusive, and Sony has consistently allowed Kojima to use the company's platform to help advertise and hype up the title. Kojima announced earlier this month that he would be presenting an "exclusive new look" at Death Stranding on August 19's Gamescom 2019 Opening Night, but that was previously thought to be a new trailer. Could a PC announcement come just months out from the game's PS4 release?

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To be brutally honest, no, probably not. But that hasn't stopped fans from discovering that Sony's official list of PS4 exclusives no longer includes Death Stranding. As reported by VG247, fans also discovered that many of Sony's official worldwide sites have removed Death Stranding from their respective PS4 exclusives lists - the game was, at least as recently as May 2019, listed on all of them. It's a big revelation, one that has been kept strangely private by both Sony and Kojima, the latter of whom is typically quite outspoken when it comes to even the most minute revelations about Death Stranding.

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The biggest likelihood out of all of this is simply that Death Stranding is back where it began, when Kojima had agreed to make it a PS4 console exclusive but nevertheless wanted to launch it on PC as well. Marketing materials and statements from Sony have since made that deal seem as though it was restructured or outright changed, but these new details make that much less plausible.

For now, the safest bet is to assume that Death Stranding will be coming to PC after all. There's an outside chance that exclusivity is being quietly walked back because it will also be available on PS5 when that launches, but that seems much less likely than a PC platform release. Whether that release is soon is another thing - it's possible that Sony's decision to remove Death Stranding from those exclusive lists is because a PC version is closer than anyone expected.

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Source: ResetEra (via VG247)

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