Death Stranding: Where to Find Geoff Keighley’s Ludens Fan

Death Stranding plays host to a number of celebrity cameos, one of which is none other than Geoff Keighley as Ludens Fan. Here's where to find him.

Death Stranding Cameos

There are plenty of cameos hidden throughout Death Stranding and Ludens Fan (as portrayed by The Game Awards showrunner Geoff Keighley) is one of the best. The character is a massive fan of Ludens, better known as the mascot for Kojima Productions, and he collects relics of the old world. The true passion of Ludens Fan is tied to video game development, and he makes plenty of references to Kojima's work that longtime fans will appreciate.

Of course, finding him is a task in and of itself since he's not specifically tied to any main quests. That means it's possible to go through Death Stranding without encountering him at all, so players must keep an eye out in the early goings of the game if they want a chance to become acquainted with Keighley's Ludens Fan character. Fortunately, Screen Rant stumbled upon the character and now wants to share the location of him with players.

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After the opening missions are out of the way and players have reached the aptly named Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City, gaining access to Ludens Fan becomes much easier. This is because attempting to reach Keighley's character straight from Capital Knot City means trekking through territory occupied by bandits. It's easier to just avoid those baddies entirely by heading North-East from the Distribution Center.

Death Stranding Map

Walking along the mountainside, players will want to have ladders on-hand so that they're able to make and take shortcuts up to Ludens Fan via cliffsides. The base of this Kojima fanboy can be found perched on a cliff between the Distribution Center and Captial Knot City. Upon reaching it, players will be given a brief introduction to Ludens Fan and can begin taking quests from the Keighley look-alike.

Truth be told, anyone that's a fan of collectibles will enjoy Ludens Fan, as one of his first missions is to retrieve stolen T-Tex action figures. There are plenty of other missions that will pop up from the character as well, so knowing how to increase Sam's weight-carrying capabilities in Death Stranding is very important for these. Other gadgets like Death Stranding's Floating Carrier are also essential in performing longer runs and missions.

There are a number of other celebrity appearances within Death Stranding as well, but Geoff Keighley’s Ludens Fan is easily one of the best.

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Death Stranding is available on PlayStation 4 and releases on PC in summer 2020.

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