Death Stranding Gamescom Footage Raises More Questions Than Answers

Death Stranding Gamescom Gameplay Presentation Urine BB

New Death Stranding Gamescom gameplay footage debuted at Gamescom 2019 Opening Night Live, as Hideo Kojima introduced the video alongside host Geoff Keighley to a raucous crowd. Although fans still haven't really wrapped their heads around what Death Stranding will entail, each gameplay footage release has helped establish a little of what consumers can expect when the game releases later this year as a PS4 exclusive.

Death Stranding is Hideo Kojima's first title since leaving Konami, and it's been heavily-anticipated since it was announced years ago. Death Stranding features a slew of celebrity cameos and stars, delving into the large network of friends across many entertainment industries that Kojima has. Death Stranding is a wildly complicated game, and will even feature controller-based baby handling.

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The new Death Stranding Gamescom gameplay footage begins with protagonist Sam exploring a large meadow that seems devoid of life. Sam uses the ladder that was on display during the last Death Stranding reveal to scale a hillside and find an outpost, navigating smoothly between both platforms. Sam activates a delivery terminal that he finds, housed in something that resembles a post-apocalyptic bunker. A hologram plays of a character based on Geoff Keighley thanking him for the delivery, and then asks Sam to help him join the network that characterizes humanity's struggle to exist within the world of Death Stranding. It appears as though "Strands" refer to chunks of area that Sam establishes the network within, which will then offer Sam the ability to take new jobs.

Death Stranding Geoff Keighley

Leaving the bunker, Sam falls down, and landing on the ground causes the baby attached to him to cry. Babies are referred to as "BB," and Sam can use a lullaby device to help soothe the BB. A lot of Death Stranding Gamescom information seems rooted in survival and realistic gameplay despite the wild setting, as Sam can urinate if he needs to, observe local foliage, and more. Kojima later revealed that fans will need to reconnect the United States from East to West using the Strands, and they'll encounter terrorists and BTs, the alien-like enemies, as foes. There will be side quests based around characters who live in isolation called "preppers," and players who connect with them will be provided boons.

Apparently, connecting to preppers will also cause players to become more aware of connections to players worldwide, although it was unclear exactly what Kojima means by that. Between the reveal that players can weaponize their urine or grow mushrooms for some mysterious benefit, the news that emerged from the Death Stranding Gamescom reveal has caused more questions than answers. Having Geoff Keighley's character as Norman Reedus' fanboy, though, is an inspired touch and a nice rib from Kojima that shows he hasn't lost his sense of humor despite the heavy nature of Death Stranding. For more info from Gamescom 2019, be sure to visit our hub page!

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Source: Gamescom 2019/YouTube

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