Exclusive: The Death of Superman Clip Reveals Lex Luthor's Role

DC's The Death of Superman is an animated movie inspired by the classic 1992-1993 event, and it hits the streets on August 7. Screen Rant is proud to present an exclusive cut from the film, with Lex Luthor under house arrest - but still up to tricks.

Superman's death was one of the defining comic book arcs of the '90s. Incredibly, the crossover event was inspired by a joke, when Warner Bros. ordered DC Comics to delay the wedding of Lois Lane and Clark Kent until the TV series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman had built up to its own wedding episode. Writer Jerry Ordway quipped that DC should just kill him off; the idea gained traction, with the writing team loving the idea of exploring a world without a Superman. The writing team produced one of the definitive Superman stories of all time, a plot that's been adapted into novels, video games, and animated movies. The next animated film, The Death of Superman, is due for release on August 7.

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The Death of Superman carefully blends the comic book plot with the loose "canon" of DC's animated movies. This scene, which is clearly set before the monstrous Doomsday has begun his rampage, shows Lex Luthor under house arrest. The Man of Steel still believes he's dangerous, though, and pays Luthor a visit to accuse him of secretly providing technology to the terrorist group known as Intergang. Naturally, it's a crime that Luthor denies, but Superman's accusation will really be about assessing his reaction. Gifted with such powers as super-hearing, Superman has always been something of a walking lie-detector. He promises Luthor that his investigation into Intergang's criminal activities is nowhere near over.

Doomsday in Death of Superman Movie

Of course, Superman's investigations will come to an untimely end. Neither Superman nor Luthor is aware that, even as they speak, the monstrous being known as Doomsday is breaking out of imprisonment. Once free, Doomsday's rampage will cut a swathe across the United States, a force of pure destruction headed straight for Metropolis. Defeating Doomsday will cost Superman his life.

The clip is all the more interesting, though, because it hints at how DC Animation has adapted the original story. In the comics, the Luthor of the time was a younger man, one claiming innocence; Supergirl actually worked with him at the time. The comics trod a careful balance, doing their best not to tip their hand as to whether or not Luthor truly was still a villain. In the animated movie, though, DC is giving viewers the classic Lex Luthor - every bit a villain. By the end of the film, Luthor will be one of the few people celebrating as the Man of Steel falls.

Death of Superman is the first of two animated movies produced by DC Animation, with a sequel - Reign of the Supermen - exploring just how Superman returns. The sequel will see four new "Supermen" emerge on the scene, each one representing a different aspect of Superman's character. It will be amusing to see Luthor's reaction to suddenly having to deal with multiple Supermen.

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The Death of Superman is available on Digital, and releases on Ultra HD Blu-ray™ Combo Pack, Blu-ray™ Combo Pack and DVD August 7, 2018.

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