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Netflix has unveiled the final character poster for its Death Note film, showcasing protagonist Light and hinting at his motivations. Like Ghost in the Shell before it, Netflix's upcoming adaptation of the hit manga/anime Death Note has been surrounded by controversy. From changing the race of the characters to moving the story to America, there's been an intense debate among fans as to whether the new movie can do the original films and manga series justice.

Despite all of that, the project is still moving forward. Netflix have been increasing their film output over the years while also showing a keen interest in anime. On the one hand, that's manifested in the form of new anime series like Castlevania. On the other, it's meant using anime and manga as source material for new Hollywood-style productions. While Death Note stars Nat Wolff and Keith Stanfield are up-and-comers, the choice of Willem Dafoe as lead villain Ryuk will certainly draw attention to the project. With one month to go until the film's release, we now have a new character poster for the film's main character.

Following similar reveals for L and Ryuk, Netflix have unveiled a new poster focusing on Wolff's character Light Turner (Yagami in the manga and anime) along with a new description for the anti-hero:

Light is a high school student who begins a crusade to rid the world of evil when he finds a notebook that has the power to kill anyone whose name is written in it.

On the surface, many of the characteristics of Light are still visible. His owning of the Death Note and his desire to purge the world of evil as a form of justice are certainly his defining traits. Still, the Death Note trailer highlighted that not everything will be the same in Netflix's adaptation.

Like many adaptations, Death Note will alter some of its characters for reasons deemed necessary for the story and medium. Until the film premieres, however, we won't be able to properly judge how effective those changes are.

Though the film won't arrive until the end of next month, its panel at Comic-Con this weekend should clue fans into what they can expect from the movie. Likely, some new looks at the film will be released—possibly even another trailer. In the meantime, fans will have to hope that Netflix's track record will carry over to their adaptation of Death Note.

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