What To Expect From Dear White People Season 4

Dear White People Season 3 Role Reversal

Dear White People season 3 wrapped up by revealing a little more of the mystery surrounding the Order of X - but can fans expect to see Dear White People season 4? Created by Justin Simien and based on his 2014 movie of the same name, Dear White People follows a group of students at the prestigious Winchester University, as they navigate racial and sexual politics on-campus, as well as their relationships with one another.

Leading the cast is Logan Browning as Sam White, formerly a firebrand activist and host of the campus radio show Dear White People, who has had her convictions repeatedly challenged over the course of the show's three seasons. Sam handed her hosting duties over to her friend, Joelle, in season 2, and Dear White People season 3 finds Sam struggling to find her voice again as she puts together her thesis film. Meanwhile, Lionel Higgins (DeRon Horton) finds a new writing voice in the form of anonymously-published erotica, and Coco (Antoinette Robertson) strives for an internship placement as she deals with the emotional fallout of her decision to get an abortion last season.

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Dear White People leaves things open for a continuation in season 4 - but will Netflix decide to green light another season of the show? Here's what we know so far.

Dear White People Hasn't Yet Been Renewed For Season 4

Dear White People Season 3 Lionel and Troy

Dear White People is currently in a precarious position, since Netflix often decides to cancel its original shows after three seasons. To name just a few, Hemlock Grove, Bloodline, Narcos, Once Day at a Time, and Santa Clarita Diet have all been cancelled at the three-season mark. This is because Netflix's financing model means that the cost of producing shows escalates after three seasons, so only the most popular series (i.e. Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, and BoJack Horseman) continue into season 4 and beyond. Netflix doesn't release viewing figures for its shows, so we don't know exactly how popular Dear White People is. However, the streaming service usually announces renewal decisions a few weeks after a new season of a show has been released, so hopefully we'll find out more soon.

When Could Dear White People Season 4 Release?

Joelle and Reggie in Dear White People Season 3

Dear White People season 1 was released in April 2017, followed by season 2 in May 2018 and season 3 in August 2019. If Netflix does choose to renew Dear White People for season 4, then we can expect it to release in fall or winter 2020 - most likely September 2020 at the earliest, given the previous pattern of new season releases.

What Will Dear White People Season 4's Story Be?

Dear White People Giancarlo Esposito as Edward Ruskin

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Dear White People season 3

Dear White People season 2 ended with the surprising reveal that the show's narrator, Giancarlo Esposito, was actually a character in the show who belongs to a mysterious secret society called the Order of X. Dear White People season 3's finale further revealed that this character - previously known only as "The Narrator" - is actually Dr. Edward Ruskin, a professor at Winchester who is technically on sabbatical, but who still hangs around the school. When Lionel and Sam go to visit Ruskin at his house, he tells them that the Order has been corrupted by a faction fighting to preserve its power and wealth rather than do what's right. This means, for example, covering up repeated allegations of sexual assault by Professor Moses Brown, and threatening his victims into silence.

Ruskin told his protégés that some of the country's most powerful black people are members of the Order of X, and that taking it on could be very dangerous for Lionel and Sam's futures. Already Troy Fairbanks has gotten on their bad side by publishing a satirical piece exposing Moses Brown. Season 3 ends with Troy showing Sam and Lionel a cufflink with the Order of X symbol that he got from his father and saying, "We need to talk." Presumably Dear White People season 4 will see the group of protagonists, having finally gotten to the bottom of the mysterious secret society, attempting to either save it or destroy it. However, the Order of X storyline was somewhat in the background in season 3, so we can also expect to see a lot more of the individual characters' storylines developed as they continue their journeys at Winchester.

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