Dear White People Season 3 Teaser Confirms August Premiere Date

Netflix releases the Dear White People season 3 teaser trailer celebrating Juneteenth and confirming the show returns in early August.

Netflix releases a teaser for Dear White People season 3 that confirms it'll premiere August 2. The video celebrates Juneteenth, a holiday associated with the abolition of slavery in Texas, and the subsequent emancipation of African-American slaves in the United States.

In 2014, filmmaker Justin Simien released the independent feature Dear White People, a dramedy that takes place at an Ivy League college. The narrative is mostly told through the perspectives of an African-American cast, consisting of Tessa Thompson, Tyler James Williams, and Teyonah Parris. Produced for $1 million, Dear White People earned over $5.4 million at the box office, and was adapted for television in 2017. Netflix's Dear White People's season 1 storyline picks up where the film left off, with Logan Browning starring as Samantha White and Brandon F. Bell reprising his film role as Troy Fairbanks. Dear White People season 2 premiered in May 2018, and was renewed the following month. The Netflix series is narrated by veteran character actor Giancarlo Esposito.

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Netflix released a teaser for Dear White People season 3 confirming its premiere date. The clip features Browning and fellow cast members Antoinette Robertson, Marque Richardson, Nia Jervier, DeRon Horton, and John Patrick Amedori. The video’s premise is based on “The Great Grits Swap” debate, with the collective cast musing about the particulars of making the food, and whether it’s better when salty or sweet. The 70-second teaser doesn’t include any footage from Dear White People season 3, though it does re-familiarize audiences with the main cast, and ends by referencing the aforementioned holiday Juneteenth. Check out the Dear White People season 3 teaser below. 

Prior to starring in Dear White People, Browning portrayed Brianna Ortiz in Tyler Perry’s TBS series Meet the Browns. She later had a main role VH1’s sports drama Hit the Floor, starring as the “mean girl” Jelena Howard. Since Dear White People season 2 ended, Browning headlined the Netflix feature film The Perfection, a psychological horror film co-starring Allison Williams (Girls, Get Out). 

When Dear White People’s original trailer premiered in 2017, it made headlines for its unapologetic tone and willingness to address racial issues. After two seasons, this approach has made Simien’s Netflix series a hit, much like Spike Lee’s Netflix adaptation She’s Gotta Have It. As society continues to change, Dear White People reminds that some people cling to the past, while others are painfully naive even if they have good intentions. Moving forward, hopefully the Netflix series will continue to enlighten people, and spark healthy discussions about race, gender, and equality in America and beyond.

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Dear White People season 3 premieres Friday August 2 on Netflix.

Source: Netflix

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