Dear White People Season 2 Teaser Trailer Confirms Premiere Date

Netflix has released a teaser trailer for Dear White People season 2, revealing the new season's premiere date and some of the hot button topics that it plans to address. Dear White People began its run in 2014 as a critically-acclaimed indie film that launched the career of not only writer/director Justin Simien, but also then-unknown Tessa Thompson. While Thompson has since gone to appear in a wide range of successful movies, TV shows, and even music videos, Simien thereafter decided that he wasn't done telling stories in the Dear White People universe that he created.

Simien and Netflix subsequently joined forces for Dear White People season 1, which both re-imagined the original film as a TV series and served as a quasi-sequel to the movie. The show, like the film, revolves around a group of black students at predominantly white Ivy League college Winchester University, as they deal with the realities of racial inequality and social injustices in the world today. A lot happened in the world of politics between the release of the Dear White People movie and season 1 of the Netflix series, giving Simien (the show's creator) and his fellow writers plenty of fresh material to tackle while adapting the concept for television.

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Things haven't slowed down in the real world since season 1 premiered either, and the Dear White People season 2 teaser trailer (see the video in the space above) is composed purely of characters rattling off the issues this season intends to address. Season 2 will further pick up shortly after the events of season 1, which culminated with a failed protest on the Winchester campus and Troy (Brandon P. Bell) being arrested and nearly shot by the campus guards. On the less tumultuous side of things, Sam (Logan Browning) and Coco (Antoinette Robertson) were beginning to repair their friendship and Reggie (Marque Richardson) had finally let go of his romantic interest in Sam, ahead of the start of season 2.

Simien told EW that Dear White People season 2 will focus heavily on secrets, starting with the secrecy around a mysterious online troll that targets Sam following the protest:

“There’s a lot of secrets to uncover this season, in particular, who is coming after Sam. Everyone’s got secrets this season - secrets from each other, secrets from themselves. There’s lots of things that the characters don’t know and have kind of repressed, and sort of going into those treasure troves is something a lot of the characters are doing.”

Both Dear White People the movie and season 1 of the TV series explore their social and political concerns through their characters' personal struggles with identity and relationships with one another. That approach served them well and made for storytelling that was not only insightful, but often sharply funny and even heartbreaking sometimes. Thankfully, it sounds like season 2 is going to carryover that method, even as it tackles everything under the sun from "fake news" to cultural appropriation and even modern pop culture events like Get Out (see the trailer's reference to The Sunken Place).

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Dear White People season 2 premieres Friday, May 4 on Netflix, as confirmed by the teaser trailer.

Source: EW

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