Netflix's Dear White People Trailer Promises To Be 'Scandalous'

Dear White People Trailer

Netflix has released the full-length trailer for its movie-turned TV series adaptation, Dear White People. Originally released in 2014 from writer/director Justin Simien, Dear White People the film struck a definite chord with audiences at Sundance and went on to become something of a countercultural sensation. Serving as Simien's feature-length directing debut, the film examines issues of racisms at a fictional Ivy League colleges, from the perspective of multiple African-American students who go there.

Dear White People is now becoming a TV series for Netflix, with Simien serving as one of the writers and directors on the show alongside filmmakers like Barry Jenkins (Moonlight). Following the release of the Dear White People series teaser trailer, Netflix has now unveiled a full-length trailer for the show; further illustrating how much of the tone and substance of Simien's original movie is being carried over into its Netflix counterpart.

As the above Dear White People trailer illustrates, the series will feature interracial scandal and political friction aplenty, similar to the movie before it. Fans of the original Dear White People film will no doubt recognize plenty of familiar narrative beats and character archetypes in the Netflix series version, while newcomers may be taken aback and pleasantly surprised by the show's particular brand of social commentary and sense of humor.

Dear White People Trailer

With a cast of promising young acting  talents firmly in place, the Netflix produced Dear White People is sure to serve as a further shock to the system in an America that feels markedly different from the one that first greeted the original property just a few years ago. It's always refreshing to hear varying perspectives when it comes to deciphering and alleviating racial and cultural tensions, and Simien definitely doesn't appear to be holding anything back with his latest take on the perennial issue.

Whether or not casual viewers will be as interested in the Sundance phenomenon when it makes its way to Netflix remains to be seen. Furthermore, many fans of the original Dear White People will probably miss seeing more than a few of the original movie's lead actors - most notably the regrettably absent Tessa Thompson as lead protagonist Samantha "Sam" White - but with any luck Simien will still manage to upend social stereotypes with the same ease and precision that he has in the past.

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Dear White People will premiere on Netflix on April 28, 2017.

Source: Netflix

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