Dear White People Netflix Series Casts Kurt Fletcher

Dear White People Finds Its Cast

Dear White People, which first made a splash with its premiere at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, is a semi-controversial comedy about racial politics on a predominantly white, Ivy League college campus told from the perspective of several African-American students. Written and directed by Justin Simien, the original film went on to earn considerable acclaim and notice from critics when it saw theatrical release. That film is now giving rise to a TV series that is being produced and released by Netflix.

With a large number of the show's cast of characters already signed on (including the return of Marque Richardson as Reggie from Simien's original film), fans of the original Dear White People movie have a lot to look forward to when the TV show version arrives on Netflix. Featuring ten episodes written by Simien, the new series should be an exciting creative venture for the popular online streaming platform. On that note, word has it that the cast of the program has just added two new leads to its already impressive cast.

According to Deadline, Netflix has just hired original cast member Nia Jervier and Wyatt Nash (Pretty Little Liars) to star in the Dear White People show as returning freshman Kelsey and the nefarious Kurt Fletcher, respectively. Fans of  Simien's original film will no doubt remember Kurt from the 2014 movie as being the editor of the college humor magazine and son to the president of the fictional Ivy League college.

Dear White People Netflix Series Casts Kurt Fletcher

Switching out original actor Kyle Gallner (The Finest Hours) for Nash in the role of Kurt Fletcher is unfortunate only in so much that Gallner provided a remarkable sleaze to the role in the original Dear White People movie. Nevertheless, Nash shouldn't have too much trouble playing the duplicitous antagonist in the TV series, especially considering he will be joined by several returning performers from the original movie (see Nia Jervier and Marque Richardson).

Dear White People was a surprise success back in 2014, and with any luck the new Netflix original series based on Simien's original work (and overseen by the filmmaker) will translate well to the small screen sometime next year. It will be intirguing to see how capably Simien manages in adapting his first film to a full season order for television, though based on his abilities on the big screen, Netflix probably has nothing to worry about when it comes to the filmmaker's abilities as a captivating storyteller.

Dear White People will debut on Netflix in 2017.

Source: Deadline

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