Deadwood Movie Script is 'Painful and Beautiful', Says Kim Dickens

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Kim Dickens has read David Milch's script for the Deadwood revival and her comments have piqued our interest even more, proving there can be new life for acclaimed TV series that ended too soon. Like Twin Peaks, a show that developed a devoted cult following, Deadwood is in line for its own revival, though the plan is to bring it back with a one-off movie and not an entire new series.

At one time it seemed the idea of a Deadwood movie would remain just a fantasy, but in recent months things have begun moving forward, with Milch writing a script and handing it in to HBO. As for the cast, Ian McShane has said he is in, provided the filming of Deadwood doesn't conflict with his work on season 2 of Starz's mind-bending series American Gods.

Other Deadwood cast members have weighed in on the movie script, including W. Earl Brown (aka Dan Dority) who read Milch's work and called it "stunning." Now, actress Kim Dickens, who played cathouse proprietress Joanie Stubbs on the show and can currently be seen as Madison on Fear the Walking Dead, has revealed that she too read the script and was deeply impressed by it. Dickens said on the I Think You're Interesting podcast (via Vox):

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“I loved [the script] … It brought tears to my eyes just to hear those voices again, so perfectly. It was funny at times and sad and painful and beautiful, really beautiful.”

As for whether HBO will really follow through and get the movie made, Dickens echoed the words of McShane and others when she said simply "It’s in their hands now." Dickens talked about the script in 2016 as well, revealing that Milch had written scenes featuring her character as well as Cy Tolliver (Powers Boothe) and Calamity Jane (Robin Weigert). Powers Boothe has since passed away so the character of Tolliver, the man who originally employed Joanie Stubbs and later helped her set up her own joint, would have to be re-cast or the script reworked to cut him from the film.

As you would expect, those who've been given a chance to read the Deadwood script are staying tight-lipped about what the story actually is about. When the show ended, Dickens' character of Joanie had turned over a new leaf by transforming her failed brothel Chez Amis into a school, and was also carrying on an on-going relationship with Calamity Jane. In the larger Deadwood world, Hearst (Gerald McRaney) was about to take over the whole town after rigging the election to defeat Bullock (Timothy Olyphant) and forcing Al Swearengen (McShane) to fake Trixie's (Paula Malcomson) death in an act of appeasement.

How Milch might approach resolving the storylines that were left up in the air at the end of the show is anyone's guess. With over 10 years having elapsed since the show went off the air, Milch seemingly has lots of leeway when it comes to skipping ahead in time and dropping whatever he wants to drop. Though there is now a script in place and much of the cast is keen to hop on-board, it seems a lot of obstacles still have to be cleared before a Deadwood film can come to fruition.

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