5 Questions We Still Have After Deadwood: The Movie (& 5 It Finally Answered)

As fans were still grappling with the disappointing finale to Game of Thrones, another acclaimed HBO series managed to wrap up its story in a very satisfying way. Deadwood: The Movie was the long-awaited conclusion to the vulgar and brilliant Western series that fans had been waiting over a decade to see.

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After the series was abruptly canceled after three seasons, many questions were left open. Now, as with the trend of the day, the series got its revival all these years later. The film returned us to a less violent and unstable Deadwood, where characters reunited and the town once again dealt with the rich and powerful George Hearst coming to town. The movie was a welcome return tying up many loose ends, but not all. Here are some of the questions Deadwood: The Movie answered and some it left open.

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10 Answered: Will Aunt Lou Leave Hearst?

Aunt Lou was George Hearst's personal cook and the only person he seemed to like at all. Hearst sent for her to join him on his latest venture, but his familial warmness to her quickly turned controlling.

After getting a visit from her estranged son, Aunt Lou grows fearful of Hearst, and when her son is killed, it's implied she suspects he is responsible. Tensions seemed to be growing between the two and it seemed likely Aunt Lou would abandon Hearst. Indeed, the movie reveals she stayed in Deadwood after Hearst left. Sadly, we don't get a final confrontation between the two.

9 Unanswered: What's Going On With Jack's Theater?

One of the main subplots of Season 3 was Jack Langrishe's acting troupe trying to start their own theater in Deadwood. There was a lot of drama involved in this little troupe, including the fact that Jack seems to have a poor history of philandering.

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The final episode of the show sees the theater up and running, seemingly a success. However, Jack nor the theater are mentioned in the movie at all. It can be assumed that they moved on to a new town, meaning so much of what was set up with Jack will never get resolved.

8 Answered: Will Johnny Forgive Al?

In the final episodes of the series, Al Swearengen and Hearst were set to face off after Trixie shot Hearst over the murder of Ellsworth. In an attempt to appease Heart, avoid his wrath, and save Trixie, Al had one of his prostitutes, Jen, killed and passed off as Trixie. Sadly, Johnny was in love with Jen and her murder did not sit well with him.

Johnny had always been one of Al's most loyal followers. The murder of Jen was the first time we saw him stand up to his boss, which suggested their relationship might suffer as a result. However, Johnny is seen as still loyal to Al all these years later, though he still thinks back sadly about Jen.

7 Unanswered: What Happened To Adams?

Another one of Al's loyal foot soldiers was Silas Adams. Though he came to Deadwood as an emissary for a corrupt magistrate Al was doing business with, Al quickly took Adams under his wing and made him one of his henchmen. Adams was shown to have a hot-and-cold relationship with Dan Doherty and he often got on Al's bad side for vouching for his useless friend Hawkeye.

No mention is made of Adams or what might have befallen him. He was never seen as truly dedicated to Al like Dan and Johnny, so it's possible that he went looking for other opportunities. Given the dangerous work he was often involved in, he also could very well have been killed.

6 Answered: Will Jane & Joanie Stay Together?

Calamity Jane is one of the most entertaining characters on the show. Her drunken behavior and blunt way of speaking to people were always good for a laugh. On the other side, Joanie was one of the show's saddest characters. Haunted by her past and controlled by Cy Tolliver, Joanie kept seeking something better, only to find tragedy again. However, by the show's end, these two were beginning to fall in love and we all hoped it would last for both of them.

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While they apparently separated for a time when Jane went adventuring on her own, she returns to Deadwood to win Joanie back. The movie finds them falling back in love and making plans to leave Deadwood together.

5 Unanswered: What's Wrong With Doc?

Doc Cochran was one of the rare selfless people in the show. Though he might not have the best bedside manner, he is always concerned if he's doing his best to help people in need and isn't afraid to stand up to powerful people in his way. Season 3 hinted that Doc's days might be numbered, as he was seen as getting more and more ill with what appeared to be tuberculosis.

Thankfully, Doc is back for the movie and, aside from more grey hair, looking as healthy as ever. If the show had continued past the third season, maybe we would have seen the good doctor die, but we're happy he managed to survive.

4 Answered: Will Hearst Find Out About Trixie?

In many ways, Trixie was the voice of reason in the show. Her history with Al and her new life with Sol Starr meant that she was in the middle of the antagonistic relationship between Al and Bullock, attempting to calm both angry men on multiple occasions. So it makes sense they would all go to drastic measures to save her from Hearst after she tried to kill him.

However, Trixie doesn't take long to expose herself once Hearst returns. She publicly calls out the man in the middle of town, leading him to remember her and reopen the conflict all over again.

3 Unanswered: What Happened To Tolliver?

Cy Tolliver was Al's main rival in Deadwood. He came to town and opened his own Bella Union saloon, which was in direct competition with Al's Gem Saloon. Tolliver is a mean-spirited and sometimes sadistic man who seemed hellbent on pushing away everyone with his horrible behavior. By the end of Season 3, Tolliver was unraveling and last seen randomly killing his worker, Leon.

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Sadly, actor Powers Boothe died in 2017, so Tolliver was never going to appear in the show. No mention is made of his fate other than the fact that Joanie now operates the Bella Union. Maybe the murder of Leon put him in prison.

2 Answered: Who Will Bullock Choose?

Seth Bullock is a noble man whose anger at injustice sometimes gets the best of him. Honor made him marry his brother's widow and raise their son as his own, but before they arrived in Deadwood, Bullock fell in love with Alma Garrett. This caused a lot of drama once his family did arrive, and it was unclear which woman Bullock would choose.

When we see Bullock again after all these years, his marriage is a happy one with him and Martha raising a family together. Though Alma's return to Deadwood does bring that question back, by the end of the film, it's clear Bullock has chosen to be a family man.

1 Unanswered: Is Al Dead?

Al was always seen as one of the toughest guys around, so seeing him on death's door in the movie was a bit of a shock. His years of overindulging in whiskey have seemingly caught up with him and he looks weaker than ever.

After pulling himself together enough to host Trixie and Sol's wedding, Al retires to bed and it seems like it might be for the last time. After giving a perfect last line for the movie, we see his hands twitch before cutting to black. Is he dead? It's certainly hinted at but left open. Though the real Al Swearengen didn't die in such a manner, the show and movie haven't stuck too close to history in any aspect.

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