Deadwood: HBO Reveals First Footage From Revival Movie

HBO just revealed the first footage for the upcoming Deadwood revival movie. In the works for years now, creator David Milch has been teasing a return to Deadwood, South Dakota for longer than the series lasted. Directed by Daniel Minahan, the Deadwood movie will find the indelible characters of the series reunite after 10 years to celebrate South Dakota's statehood. We'll see old rivalries reignited and former alliances tested as wounds are reopened.

In addition to the first footage from the Deadwood movie, the two-minute HBO trailer also offers a peek at new footage from the final season of Game of Thrones, Meryl Streep in the second season of Big Little Lies, and even the new Watchmen series from Damon Lindelof. There's also footage from a few new offerings, such as the miniseries Chernobyl - about the infamous nuclear meltdown - and the first footage for the anticipated adaptation of His Dark Materials.

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The short clip from the Deadwood movie featured in HBO programming trailer finds Timothy Olyphant’s Seth Bullock conversing over a drink with Ian McShane’s Al Swearengen. The full two-minute video will air before tonight's anticipated season finale of True Detective but can be viewed right now below. The new Deadwood footage arrives around the 27 second mark.

Talk about short, the Deadwood clip lasts no longer than five seconds before jumping onto Watchmen. But for fans who have eagerly been awaiting the return to the South Dakota town, it's a real treat to see those familiar faces again.

During it's initial three season run back in 2004, Deadwood had some of the best character actors in the industry and delivered some of the best scenes in television history. But average ratings coupled with an exorbitant budget led to a premature end to the series. Still, Deadwood movie to wrap up the series was in-the-works almost from the get-go, even if Timothy Olyphant didn't think it would happen. Now, nearly a decade later, creator David Milch is returning with a movie that will hopefully give long-suffering fans a fitting finale.

In addition to returning stars Olyphant and McShane, the Deadwood movie will feature almost the entire former cast. This includes Molly Parker as Alma Ellsworth, Paula Malcomson as Trixie, John Hawkes as Sol Star, Anna Gunn as Martha Bullock, Dayton Callie as Charlie Utter, Brad Dourif as Doc Cochran, Robin Weigert as “Calamity” Jane Canary, William Sanderson as E.B. Farnum, Kim Dickens as Joanie Stubbs, and W. Earl Brown as the loyal Dan Dority. It's certainly quite the cast and fans are already hyped to see them all return in 2019.

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Source: HBO

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